Winter fashion essentials you should have

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Winter fashion essentials you should have

As the cold months arrived, I bet every girl started complaining about the lack of things to wear. Ladies, don’t panic, a complete winter wardrobe consists of just 10 essential fashion items, most of which you already might have inyour clothes closet. Honestly, how could you not be thrilled at the thought of sophisticated furs, warm infinity scarves and absolutely sexy moto-boots? Check out these winter essentials which are a must when it comes to dealing with this chilly and wet season.

Winter fashion essentials you should have1. Infinity scarves
For starters, every fashionista will agree that infinity scarves are one of the trendiest and the most practical winter fashion items. All jokes aside, ladies, you won’t know what feeling comfy is until you’ve bought a massive warm scarf which will always keep you warm and cozy and away from the cold.

Winter fashion essentials you should have2. Knits
This is the one unique time of the year when you can freely don all your fave knit stuff. It is really voguish trend which is sooo warm yet practical and chic.

This Winter is all about neutrals, so choose beige, brown or winter white color. Nobody will call a fashion police if you wear a nice beany, thick knitted gloves or an over sized patterned sweater or even a knitted skirt.

Winter fashion essentials you should have3. Furs
Furs are always on tap when it’s getting cold and this season is not an exception – furs are jazzier than ever. If you don’t want to harm any innocent animal – faux fur won’t let you down. Opt for some bold colors of fur, pairing it with subdued separates.

Winter fashion essentials you should have4. Capes & Wraps
Yeah, ponchos are back! This cozy trend has hit the fashion scene again. Capes and wraps provide you with a sophisticated look and bundle you up in style. Both are a perfect choice if you need something to keep you warm and fashionable at the same time.

Winter fashion essentials you should have5. A sweater-dress
Knit sweater-dresses are a hot item among winter essentials that every woman needs to have. Not only will you feel extra warm but also look chic. This super cozy winter dress is underrated yet it’s perfect for those days when you are not into matching and mixing tops and bottoms. You can pair it with a denim shirt and the right shoe combo, and that’s all that you have to do.

Winter fashion essentials you should have6. A Camel Coat
While trends come and go your classic camel coat is always there to wrap you up in style. It easily goes with every color and pattern so you won’t have any problems in matching it with the best hats, scarves, shoes and outfits. It’s definitely worth the investment.

Winter fashion essentials you should have

7. A Pair of Moto Boots
There’s nothing trendier than a classy pair of black leather moto boots. You should own at least one pair to rock this chilly season. Anything you pull out of a wardrobe will look voguish with this classy item, they’ll spice up even the most boring winter look.

Winter fashion essentials you should have8. A Shearling Coat
Faux or real, a shearling coat is a must-have. It can be the perfect winter outerwear option. Opt for an over sized fit which will provide you with an immediate classy-girl vibe.

Winter fashion essentials you should have

9. Leather pants
If you are one of those fashion mongers, who hate wearing jeans and are looking for stylish alternatives – tab leather pants. They look classy and sexy, colors and form can differ depending on your taste. Leather pants are also a timeless fashion basic which can brighten up your winter look.

Winter fashion essentials you should have10. A Leather Bag
To complete your winter outfit try not to forget about stylish arm candy. Not only do you need to carry your essential belongings but also look in vogue with your classy leather bag. It always serves as a great complementing accessory for your winter outfit. No matter if it’s over sized or mini, it’s a wardrobe basic which is a must-have accessory for every fashionista.

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