Why do Babies Cry?

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A lot of people think that babies shouldn’t cry. Crying is the main means of communication. Usually this is in response to hunger, thirst or pain but some babies even after feeding and changing will still cry without obvious reason and are difficult to pacify. Boredom and feeling insecure even in very young infants can be the cause. You can try rocking and swaying gently. Softly singing and talking. Finding things to look at or listen too such as the radio or a rattle or a mobile above the cot. Stroking rhythmically or massaging gently and firmly will sometimes do the trick. Make sure that infant is not too hot or cold or has nothing on or near his body causing discomfort. Sometimes just a kiss and hug is all that’s needed.

Knowing your infant’s particular times of crying and pitch is a good indicator of something amiss. Many infants suffer from colic (type of stomach cramps) at certain times of day.

Ask yourself, is baby feeling ill? Is this crying more high pitched then his normal cry? Have I done my best to make them comfortable and is there anything I can do to do to ease his pain?

Is there any other change in your infant such as loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, feeling hotter etc?

Any variation from his normal pattern should be reported

NEVER become angry with a crying infant.

NEVER shake a child. Shaking causes a baby or infants head to move violently and can cause bleeding and damage to his brain. If you feel frustrated and angry and think you are losing control just place your infant safely in his cot and go and calm yourself down.

Be patient with your baby and yourself. DON’T BE ASHAMED IN ASKING FOR HELP! Nobody can cope alone with a constantly crying child. Help each other. Give yourself as a tired mother a break to get some rest and ask your husband help.

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