Which Type Of Yoga Is Best For You?

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Which Type Of Yoga Is Best For You

Why is yoga good for you? What is the point of yoga? What IS yoga?
This article will address all of the questions mentioned above, and more. I hope I can make you laugh by the end.
I would like to begin with a word of warning – yoga is dangerous business.

I have heard horror stories from friends and acquaintances attempting some of these positions. Some of them have been left handicapped to this day. If you are daring enough and like to live on the edge a little, do continue reading. I sincerely hope you consider all of the implications and dangers of these physical activities and pursue undertaking classes from professionals (which I recommend) or follow DIY tutorials at your risk.

I will not be held responsible, as I have voiced my concerns and warnings.


1 Hatha Yoga
Do attempt if you’re A BEGINNER.
1 Hatha YogaIf you are interested, here is 42 minutes and 4 seconds worth of tutorials for you:

2 Ashtanga and Power Yoga
Do attempt if you are looking to LOSE WEIGHT.

Your body will have to bend in the following ways:
2 Ashtanga and Power Yoga



3 Yin Yoga
Do attempt if you want to CHILL.
Some common positions:
3 Yin Yoga


4 Ivengar Yoga
Do attempt if you are PRONE TO INJURY.

Contradictory advice, surely. I think some of these might just leave you injured.
4 Ivengar Yoga

5 Hot Yoga
Do attempt if you want to FLUSH TOXINS FROM YOUR SKIN.
5 Hot YogaIt’s exactly as it sounds. I won’t disclose the various positions for this one, but I will say this (I got it from an excellent website –www.yogiapproved.com)…

Hot yoga kicks up the benefits of typical yoga poses and maximizes the effects of your body. The result?

1. Self-confidence (the boosting of it)
2. Sex Appeal (like you need it?)
3. Flexibility (the only thing we all could use more of)
4. Stamina (the other thing we all could use more of)
5. Creativity (your top priority)

6 Aerial or Antigravity Yoga
Do attempt if you are looking for a MAJOR STRESS-BUSTER.

Do not try this at home regardless of what kind of equipment you might have.
6 Aerial or Antigravity Yoga

Here is a good introductory video as to what ‘antigravity yoga’ entails:

“Fifty…a love note” from Beth Saidel on Vimeo.

If you’re hungry for more (or all these yoga types are too basic/elementary for you), here is a good article for you with free videos and free yoga tutorials and free stuff.

Now, let’s look at beautiful artwork (photography) of yoga poses.
6 Aerial or Antigravity Yoga 2

As you can see, yoga is not just for women, so guys by all means do undertake one of these challenges.

Like Jenna Marbles here, who has tried several advanced yoga poses with her partner. Now mind you, Jenna has worked as a go-go dancer, so she’s quite flexible. Your attempts at yoga will not be half as successful. Enjoy the video, it’s hilarious.

To end this lengthy article (but surely entertaining) I repeat, yoga is dangerous business. My advice: do some soulful dancing on your kitchen floor instead.

Haven’t I answered your questions?
Visit – http://www.artofliving.org/in-en/yoga

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