What You Drink Says A Lot About You!

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What You Drink Says A Lot About You!

The Girl’s Who Drink…been lots written on that topic of late. Some of the articles are pretty graphic and says how this lady wants to be perceived. Ladies’ bar shots or what often time ends up being their whole-night’s worth of beverages, are really the non-verbal signals they send to the surrounding folks at the bar. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it?

Perhaps you aren’t aware of how girls correspond to their preferred alcoholic beverages. People say the eyes are the window to the soul and maybe so, but come on, we know that your choice of booze really is what decodes who you are. Next time you come to the bar or club just take care of what you’re drinking. This will help guys to determine what type of girl you are. There is a guide of the 12 most popular bar orders and what they say about you. Curious ladies? I bet you are, so here we go to find out what your drink might be.

1. Tequila Babe
What You Drink Says A Lot About You!Tequila speaks for itself. The girl drinking this shot is obviously the center of attention. It’s hard to determine her personality because as long as her ‘blood type is tequila’ she’s just the best kind of party hard girl. She amasses people around to have a couple of shots with her friends or to dance right on the bar. She laughs out loud, smiles and flirts with a bartender. One might even suspect she drinks it to forget herself.

2. Wine Femme-FataleWhat You Drink Says A Lot About You!The red or white wine always means tolerance, maturity and sophistication. This girl is pretty sure she’s better than you and actually she’s above being at this bar. The wine-drinker knows well all men’s eyes are on her while she is enjoying her glass of wine. She likes to get buzzed but in a classy way. Guys should be prepared for a good conversation and overly-nice flirt.

3. Beer Cutie-PieWhat You Drink Says A Lot About You!This girl is easy-going and possesses a no-fuss personality. She will tell you lots of interesting things about sports, rap or rock music and what brand she considers to be ‘a good pair of jeans’. She is an absolutely cheerful conversationalist and isn’t afraid of belching in public. Unfortunately, too many guys pass her by when it comes to romance or intimacy because they’ve been staring at the wine girl all night long.

4. Whiskey HoneyWhat You Drink Says A Lot About You!She’s a natural born CEO. Individualistic, independent, and confident in her ideas and opinions; she always indicates possessing great sexual prowess. Guys are always impressed girls that order whiskey because it’s on the top of all ‘men-must-love-list’. The whiskey drinking girl is unbelievably easy to talk with. It might take her a few sips to get comfortable enough to start having some fun but once she’s started – look out. Guys need to prepare all their best jokes and just behave like true gents to win her attention or even to acquire the coveted phone number.

5. Champagne MademoiselleWhat You Drink Says A Lot About You!Champagne is for people who like celebrating even when there are no reasons to do it except to celebrate just being yourself. It’s a beverage for winners. Champagne-drinking divas are self-satisfied, self-assured and full of positive energy. She’s happy with her salary, her weight, her shoes and even age. She looks like she has recently leaped from the pages of the ‘How to become successful’ manual. She smiles like those girls on the billboards that catches your sight while you’re sitting in a traffic jam. It’s a mystery how she can be so perfect, successful, pleased and to continually nurture and possess this state of mind in an absolutely natural way. Everyone needs to have a friend (but better a girlfriend for sure) like this. So next time pay more attention to the chick ordering a glass of ‘Prosecco’.

6. Martini DivaWhat You Drink Says A Lot About You!She’s a chill-out girl. She is obviously in love with deep-house music and black&white outfits. She wants people to appreciate her classy like James Bond’s girlfriend-look – with a martini in hand – shaken not stirred of course. This girl thinks she is too cool and refined; a high-class introvert but mostly she’s really just a girl that’s lonely; whose desperate for attention and wants to be recognized as an extrovert. Everything she does is well studied and measured and a little pathetic. Believe it or not she tries really hard – maybe too hard with this act. The guys are usually turned off.

7. Long-Drinks LoverWhat You Drink Says A Lot About You!Statistically this type of girl-drinker dreams about the perfect love story instead of the one night stand. She flirts so voraciously but on a very innocent level! She doesn’t understand the provocative jokes, dirty words and unseemly crude propositions. Guys can ask her to have lunch or to watch the new blockbuster. That’s what she really wants.

8. Sweet-Cocktails Dolly BirdWhat You Drink Says A Lot About You!She is totally glamorous and can’t stand the taste of alcohol. This girl comes to the bar with a purpose to show off her newest pair of Louboutin’s or the hot, tight dress in Pepto-Bismol pink. This girl is likeable and easy to talk with. Handsome strangers are always welcome to her friend-zone and then sometimes even to her bedroom. But as a rule guys admit will say they want to date someone like that, but in reality they hardly ever do.

9. Vodka ‘Oh-yeeah-Woman’What You Drink Says A Lot About You!You’ll notice her performing the funny hip-thrusting movements next to her circle of friends. She always is dressed in something colorful – something she thinks defines her persona in one blink of the eye. She sends a million portions of her amusing smile out for viewing but it means nothing at all. She didn’t come to the bar to meet a guy but just to waste some Saturday time, relaxing and smiling a lot. Men should flirt with her in a light and funny way. She will judge the stranger favorably if he has a good sense of humor. She’ll be happy to be invited for a junk-food date after the bar party.

10. Miss ‘Cognac Only’What You Drink Says A Lot About You!She’s very much the ‘Sex and the City girl’. She orders cognac instead of a traditional ‘Cosmopolitan’. She’s been brought up with this TV show and it’s all frankly really tiresome now. She’s career-oriented and doesn’t believe in love, but hopes her Prince Charming will find her one day. She always stays in trend with her style and looks damn-alluring with a slice of citrus on the top of her beverage.

11. B-52 BimbetteWhat You Drink Says A Lot About You!This is really the most controversial girls type. ‘Jagger’, ‘Cherry Tootsie’, ‘Pops’, ‘Scooby Snack’, ‘Flaming Fireball’ are her best friends. She is ready for the adventures and great morning after- stories. She will celebrate this night dancing and doing crazy pranks. This lady just wanna has some fun and nothing more. Don’t even try to guess her personality because she hides it well in the night. Cheers!

12. Alcohol Free LadyWhat You Drink Says A Lot About You!Most often she’s a driver for her group of friends and will just hits the bar on her way home. This girl is disciplined, responsible, organized and ‘proper’. She keeps everything controlled, remembers that she should wake up early the next morning and she doesn’t really want to have the panda eyes. This girl never breaks the sound barrier with booze; she knows her limits which by the way are set only by her! In case she leaves happens to give the guy her phone number he has a real chance to have some brilliant dates with a strong relationship in the end.

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