What is the Mediterranean diet?

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Mediterranean population is characterized by low infected various chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, as a result of eating habits of healthy food, and that is its greatest impact in lower rates of diagnosed chronic diseases and also decrease their weight in a healthy way.
Mediterranean diet is based on eating large proportion of legumes, grains, olive oil, fruits and vegetables, eating a moderate amounts of fish, dairy products, and finally eating a low percentage of meat, for that it is very rich in fiber and beneficial healthy fats, colored fruit and vegetables, which are rich in antioxidants, this diet helps on effective weight loss without depriving the body of various important nutrients.

Mediterranean diet

What is the Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet designed to maintain a healthy weight, and usually this diet involves in eating grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. This diet does not include eating a lot of meat while depends on the intake of olive oil mainly because it is an important source for the body of beneficial fats.

The researchers also showed that living bacteria that are used to prepare the yogurt may also contribute to the provision of good health for the people of the Mediterranean area. Of the important elements that are used in the diet of the Mediterranean is the garlic, it helps prevent blood clots and lower cholesterol level and it also helps protect against cancer.

What is the Mediterranean diet?

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