We Traveled Around The World And Portrayed The Daily Lives Of People With Severe Disabilities

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My mother and I have been traveling all our lives and know how privileged we are to do so.

But not everyone lives on the sunny side of life. Within seconds, circumstances can turn one’s life upside down. While in some countries treatment is available straight away, simple things like sheer luck decide between life and death or permanent disability in other countries. In the end, it’s all down to fate.

In our modern and fast-moving world, even small mishaps can riddle someone off the track and make lives miserable: the loss of a smartphone, a missed flight, a partying neighbor or a broken car. And if something actually bad happens? Well, then we have the luxury of institutions, insurances or savings. Help will eventually come.

Keep in mind though that there are millions of people in these so-called third-world countries who are the backbone of our comfort zone. They do jobs we wouldn’t dare to work in and most often under hazardous conditions that endanger health and well-being. Still, these people bear their fate with the greatest dignity.

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