We Help Local Women In Latvia To Start New Lives

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Hello, my name is Anastacia. I am trying to make our small makeover project see the world. I am grateful to anyone who won’t pass by, will read the post till the end and share it with his friends. Maybe some of them interested in promoting their beauty or health products in our videos?!

I come from Riga, the capital of Latvia. When my 2 kids were able to walk, I started to think about my image upgrade. On FB I stumbled upon a local makeover project and applied to participate. Along with participation in this project I began to realize that I would love to help people who change people’s lives in moving their products forward. And this makeover project is all about it!

This beauty makeover takes away women’s pain, that cannot be measured by money. Thanks to new image a woman often alone or alone with kids starts to overcome any difficulties and go towards her dreams! As I hear another “No”, I realize that nothing will stop me. People say me, it is Latvia, there is no market, here is nothing to do, but I believe in this project! I also believe that Latvians should live here, do business here and raise their kids here!











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