We Created An 80-Meter-Long Hammock Caravan 200m Above The Canyon

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They did it again! This year the hammock caravan moved along the road to the Tijesno Canyon in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Drill and Chill Climbing and Highlining Festival. This year marks the fourth round of this unusual come together and the set up got even bigger.

Ticket To The Moon along with its mastermind and project coordinator Igor Scotland designed an impressive 80-meter line-rig over the gap in the canyon sector Oker more than 200 meters above the canyon floor. To fill this huge space with shiny hammocks, the organizer came up with a special 5-meter hammock-version to host participating athletes. In total 19 people in 17 hammocks literally hung out for around 4 hours in this airy heights.

The Drill and Chill Festival aims to promote climbing and highlining in Bosnia and to establish a whole climbing area in a DIY style and is organized by the Penjački klub Extreme (Climbing club Extreme) Banja Luka.

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