Trick or Treat? The Very Best Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try This Year

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The Very Best Halloween Makeup Ideas to Try This Year

“The scarier – the better” is a rule only for Halloween makeup. It’s the one day you cannot be wrong with too much makeup, using it as a tool to create a special Halloween image. Your makeup can be combined with the costume or simply replace it. The only point here is that you can forget about being yourself and start your magnificent transformation into a new character.

Harley QuinnHarley QuinnAnticipating the Suicide Squad movie makes the characters of Harley Quinn and Joker especially popular. The shabby character makeup is really easy to implement. Use white face paint or baby powder to make that clown-like pale complexion. Use black eyeliner for eyebrows and eyes (including inner eyelid). Now, all you need is red lipstick and a bit of mascara (actually, you can use more mascara around eyes creating a smeared effect).

CalaveraCalaveraCalavera is Spanish for “skull”. This makeup style got really popular recently far beyond Mexico. It looks really sophisticated on Halloween night, with the shades of fear and romance combined in one image. The technique is a bit more complicated than your routine makeup but it is really worth trying. To create Calavera look, you need to start with white cream base. Apply it on your face avoiding zones under your eyes and on your nose. Then use black cream to fill in the eye area as well as the nose creating the shape of a skull. If you are good at painting you can add many more interesting details. However, it is enough to outline teeth and cheekbones to create the image. There are no rules for Calavera makeup so you can use your imagination and experiment.

TribalTribalDo you remember Rihanna rocking W magazine cover with wild tribal image? This diva knows how to impress, for sure. Why don’t you use the idea for Halloween makeup and add some tribal elements to your Halloween image? Imagine your face is an abstract painting. Use small brushes to add lines, dot and other geometric elements. Use eye shadows to color your face in red, blue or green. Pay special attention to forehead – it can be darkened or lightened with face paint, as well as covered with ornament painting.

ZombieZombieGood old zombie style never dies (literally!). And there are a million options you can use here. Make your face pale, grayish or greenish. Add bloody stains all over your face. Highlight your eyes with black eye shadow (white eye lenses would be great to create contrast). Another plus is that you can combine zombie makeup with any other character – Snow White Zombie, Spice Girl Zombie, or Audrey Hepburn Zombie.

Pop ArtPop ArtIf you don’t want to go for a scary image you can always try pop art makeup. It looks really special if done right. Apply the base (usually light) on your face. And then create sharply defined angles drawing lines on your nose, cheekbones and chin. Pop art makeup is famous for numerous dots. Be careful choosing the color for pointillist pattern, as red can result in chicken pocks rather than the pop art look.

Scary DollScary DollThis image needs to look both – scary and naïve. Highlight eyes applying huge false eyelashes or drawing eye lashes around your eyes. Use bright rouge on your cheeks and add some freckles with a liner. Then it’s time for your lips – make them bow-like, add more shine and volume. The color should not be too dark – usually pink or crimson will do for doll makeup.

Wednesday AddamsWednesday AddamsWednesday Addams due to her age wore minimum makeup so it’s the easy style to go for. Apply powder on your face and lips and use eyeliner or black shadows to highlight eyes. That’s it. You can add volume to your eyelashes and use black (or dark red) lipstick. But these are optional. If you want to complete the “Wednesday look” you will need to combine basic makeup with that classic two plaits hairstyle.


MaleficentMaleficentThis fairy tale villain is scary and gorgeous at the same time. And her makeup is quite simple so this is the perfect character for Halloween night. As usual, you need white paint or powder to make your face look pale. Then highlight your eyes with a liner. Red lipstick is a must-have for this image (try to add volume to your lips top make it a bit of an “Angelina-style” look). And then – don’t forget to highlight your cheekbones – that is the detail that completes your sinister look.

BeastBeastDiscover your animal instincts and unleash the beast. No, forget about cat or leopard styles. We are talking about real beasts here. Draw a split ripped jaw on your face and your neck, using face paint. Add sharp teeth and bloody skinless zones on your face. Stitched mouth look is a good option here as well. Just remember that this image requires more painting skills so professional help may be needed to get the right effect.

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