Trends Guys Hate But Women Love

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Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 1

There are numerous fashion trends that make us look stunning and fabulous. Unfortunately guys don’t get many of them. Men hate some women’s clothing items and don’t mind whether they are in style now or not. Sometimes looking fashionable and attractive to your man is just impossible. There are so many awesome outfits that make us feel comfortable, cute and stylish. Girls love these, but guys have no clue why we like rocking them.

  • Oversized Sweaters

Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 2Men don’t consider oversized sweaters sexy. When a girl wears such a sweater it’s almost impossible to appreciate her figure. Guys think we can’t look feminine in this baggy outfit.

  • Floppy Hats

Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 3Guys hate floppy hats and most of them can’t explain why. This bohemian item doesn’t seem that bohemian to men. They say girls look funny and stupid with floppy hats on their heads. The only place where showing off a floppy hat is ok is on the beach.

  • High-Waisted Jeans

Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 4Most guys assume that only girls with ideal body shapes can flaunt high-waisted jeans as they draw too much attention to the booty.

  • Jeggings

Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 5Jeans and leggings are ok, guys know these words and know their meanings. But what is jeggings? Men can’t stand clothes created by combining two or more items. It may sound weird to you, but it’s true. Ask your boyfriend what he thinks about jeggings.

  • Wedge Sneakers

Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 6Guys hate wedge sneakers as much as jeggings. They just don’t get this trend and think it’s stupid. Men don’t understand that girls love the idea of wearing comfortable shoes and looking taller at the same time.

  • Ultra-High Heels

Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 7Men don’t understand how we can wear such crazy heels. That’s why a lot of guys consider them weird, or even ugly. Thus if you want him to like you, don’t stick to ultra high heels. Dial back the size of the heels to medium and your guy will love you forever!

  • Uggs

Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 11A lot of girls can’t imagine their life without uggs. These shoes make us feel absolutely comfortable, confident, and warm. You might be surprised to find out that guys hate uggs. Why? Men think uggs make women look unfeminine and unattractive.

  • Heavy Eye Makeup

Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 8Sporting a heavy eye makeup on a special occasion is okay, but applying it every day seems annoying and vulgar to guys. Men love women looking au naturel. So if you want to impress a guy on the first date, stick to soft, natural colors and keep the eye makeup minimal.

  • Bright Lipstick

Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 9Every woman knows that a bright lipstick is a must-have. Rocking red lips is a perfect way to compliment your look. But wearing a bold lipstick on a date is a BIG No-No! Every guy hates when his face is covered with bright lipstick after kissing his date.

  • Fake Nails

Trends Guys Hate But Women Love 10Most guys rarely pay attention to a girl’s nails, but when they do, fake nails scare them, especially if they are painted bright colors. Men think fake nails make us look unnatural and ridiculous. They don’t understand why girls do all those “fake” things to their bodies. Silly boys need to pay attention and know that we are really doing it to look great for them.

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