Traveling In The Past (Part 2)

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I travel and look for places with an old photo in my hand. You can also check my Part 1 here.

The Poprad, Tatry Railway Station

Steam locomotive I.P KS.OD. (354.9) in railway station Poprad – Tatry around year 1910. On current photo (2015) is a train station and you can partly see modern train ZOS unit 840 001.

The Kežmarok Railway Station

Railway station Kežmarok in the year of 1910. Today (2015) there is a station for cargo trains.

Railway station Kežmarok in 1905. Today (2015) there is a station for cargo trains.

Kežmarok Weaver (Textile) School

Children are skating on natural ice ring on the river Poprad before the textile school appeared in 1905. Today (2015) the river is regulated.

Kežmarok Caffe, Restaurant

Caffe and restaurant Freyer around 1935. Freyer Moric opened in August 1931 cafe and restaurant at The Lyceum street.

Kežmarok Parade

Allegoric parade around 1929 for the anniversary of granting town rights. It may also be anniversary of rise of the fire service, which started the 1860.

Kežmarok Hotel , Caffe, Restaurant

The year of 1936.


Streeet Jiřího Wolkera – Alžbetina. Hotel Europa. The bus Ikarus 55 in 1958.

Boating On The River

Boating on the river (2015) vs. past, around 1935.

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