Top Tips maintain White teeth and lovely smile

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Maintaining healthy teeth makes them live a longer life, attention to the health of the teeth helps protect them from the health problems that you may encounter as teeth decay and gum disease, also maintain dental health helps in the granting of a wonderful smile that attracts attention. “What woman needs offers some tips that will help in maintaining the health of your teeth to enjoy a strong teeth and charming smile.


Interest in using a new toothbrush from time to time is of the important things to keep your dental health, where old toothbrush become, with frequent use, unsafe and unhealthy on teeth, you should choose quality suitable toothbrush for gums to ensure not getting infection of the gums during dental washing.

Top Tips maintain White teeth and lovely smile

Tips maintain White teeth and lovely smile

Have milk and dairy products in adequate quantities during the day so as to ensure the health of your teeth, Milk and dairy products contain casein protein and calcium, which supplies the teeth its needs to maintain its strength and whiteness, you should eat meals that contain high levels of calcium and vitamin D to maintain healthy teeth and whiteness such as eggs, fish, milk and milk products, these meals help preserve the beauty and attractiveness of the teeth longer.

Eat meals that helps strengthen and cleaned teeth naturally to get rid of the remnants of the stored food among the teeth, as eat apples, carrots, cucumbers, having those solid meals which contain a fantastic ratio of fluids helps strengthen teeth and protect them from health dangers that threaten it.

Top Tips maintain White teeth and lovely smile

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