Top Tips help you exercise properly

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Workouts and exercises have many and many benefits included all aspects of human beings, they are useful at all levels, health and physical benefits and it has psychological benefits, We can not lose sight of the benefits on the mental as well as social and moral level. It is worth mentioning that all these aspects overlap in their effects so that the improvement in one aspect increase the improvement in other aspects. So We are going to give you the best tips to help you do your exercises properly:


It’s advised to practice exercise at the early morning, for its role in helping your body to burn a large amount of calories and accumulated fat. Don’t ever practice any exercise while your stomach is full of food, in order to avoid nausea, you must wait about two hours after eating a meal to allow the food to digest well.

Tips help you exercise properly

Top Tips help you exercise properly

Stay away from junk food consumption before the exercise, due to the difficulty to digest. It is necessary to have meals precedes the date of exercise on a high percentage of carbohydrates and starches (pasta or whole wheat bread), as well as protein (chicken breast or grilled fish). Make sure to drink at least two liters of fluid per day.

As before the performance of exercises of a few minutes, you can eat a snack containing 100 calories: among the options: Fresh fruits (fruit of apple or peach or orange) or dried fruit, which would provide the body with the required energy . And bitch about high in sugar snacks, because your body will absorb them quickly, and therefore you lose the energy that you need. It is necessary to eat three main meals during the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), in addition to two snacks.

Top Tips help you exercise properly

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