Top natural herbs for healing heartburn

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Heartburn is a common symptom that is not limited to a particular age group, but they are more common in the elderly and people who are overweight, and often heartburn feeling is accompanied by a burning sensation behind the bones of the center of the chest may develop into a pain in the chest, as well as a sense of taste over the the mouth after eating a meal, and the feeling of bloating and gas, nausea and difficulty breathing, which is often caused by eating fatty foods and fried foods as well as acidic juices.


Stomach can you secret enzymes and hydrochloric acid, and these materials are digest food but acidic substances stabilized in the stomach, and is surrounded by the stomach membrane that protects the stomach, To treat heartburn, there are many natural ways, where it is possible to treat heartburn using natural herbs, namely:

Top natural herbs for healing heartburn

Top natural herbs for healing heartburn
Fennel seeds
Chewing fennel seeds several times a day can prevent stomach acid production, or a drink fennel seeds when you feel a burning sensation in the stomach.
Peppermint is effective in the treatment of indigestion and heartburn, because it helps digestion and has a calming properties, so try drinking a mint syrup or chewing the leaves when you feel a burning sensation or the acidity of the stomach.
Ginger absorbs the acid in the stomach and helps to calm the nerves that contribute to heartburn, so you can have ginger drink when feeling a burning sensation on the stomach. And eaten ginger in food or drink ginger tea to strengthen the stomach and resist reflux, bloating, improve digestion and resistance to acidity.
Having a mix of one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of boiling water to move down esophageal sphincter and thus prevent the rise of acid into the stomach.

Top natural herbs for healing heartburn

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