Top Foods help get rid of a sore throat

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Sore throat is a healthy adventitious affects a lot of any age group particular in the winter , as a result of colds or the flu, and is accompanied by severe pain, in addition to feeling itchy with difficulty of swallowing. Usually many women resort to the doctor for a prescription to treat themselves or their children, but what they do not knew that the drug for the sore throat is present in certain kinds of  foods, which we will discuss here:

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sore throat

sore throat

• Eggs

Eggs contain a protein, As we all know,  that helps to cure any kind of infections, and is one of the lighter foods in digestion and on the throat too.

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• Banana

Banana is rich in vitamin C, potassium and vitamin “B6”, Which helps to get rid of throat pain, as is one of the snacks on the throat for ease of swallowing it without causing any pain. eat one or two banana a day for good results.


sore throat

• Chicken soup

Chicken soup contains several components, such as: ginger, garlic, onion, pepper, spices, in addition to the chicken, which has a natural anti-bacterial elements. So try to have it as you can, as this hot drink will relief you.

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• boiled carrots

Carrots can be boiled for the treatment of sore throat, as it is rich in vitamin A, C and k, as it is also full of potassium and fiber, in addition to being easy swallowing.

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