Top 6 Dog Breeds to Help You Fight Depression

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Top 6 Dog Breeds to Help You Fight Depression

Life is hard, and many of us sometimes suffer from anxiety, stress or depression caused by different negative situations. There are different ways to cheer you up and the best one is love. If you don’t have friends or loved ones around, get a companion pet! Discover the best dog breeds that can help you fight depression. Who knows, maybe you will want to adopt one!

1. Pug1. Pug.
This portable little friend is extremely adorable! Pugs have a very positive attitude and inquisitive nature, and if you have a big family – this dog is for you. Pugs love to communicate both with people and other doggies, keeping track of anything its owner does. Look at those big irresistible eyes! No doubt, this dog was born to love.

2. Labrador retriever2. Labrador
retriever is #1 dog for those who suffer from anxiety issues. This dog has a very loyal character, is easy to train and it can fully understand its owner. Labrador retrievers are usually non-aggressive, the dog loves children and children adore them in return! That’s why, most big families choose this breed. However, this is a large dog breed and it requires more space, so make sure your home is big enough for your friend’s needs.

3. Poodle3. Poodle.
Another good friend for your family, it is very active and adaptable. Poodles love company, fun and motion, and hate staying alone, so you won’t be bored with it. Another good thing about Poodles is that they have a pretty long lifespan. Some Toy Poodles can even live up to 20 years! No matter the size, Poodles are always up for a game, but if you have little children, it is better to choose a standard size puddle, because they respect and tolerate babies the best.

4. Jack Russell Terrier4. Jack Russell Terrier
is a small hunting dog, but this fact doesn’t stop it from being a good friend and a popular dog among households. It is full of enthusiasm, energy and charisma. The dog is a strong runner and chaser – ideal sport companion for you and your high-energy family. Once you get a Jack Russell Terrier as your new friend, you will fall for its shiny, full of life eyes!

5. Vizsla5. Vizsla.
This dog is considered to be very loyal, sensitive and friendly. It is extremely athletic and active, and fits people who have active lifestyles and love adventure. This beautiful and smart doggy is always ready for your love and attention and will love you back. Considering their love of action, Vizslas need more space so they should be kept in big homes.

6. French bulldog6. French bulldog.
This cute guy will provide you with an unstoppable treatment against depression. It is portable and low maintenance, but muscular and a heavy bone dog breed. It can adapt to almost any environment. A French bulldog is not very noisy, so you can keep it in your apartment without any risk. Always full of love and devotion, this endearing dog will celebrate your returning home from work with its excitement and tail wagging. How can you resist this one?!

7 mixed-breed dog

To be honest, I can’t express all the feelings for my faithful 16-years old friend Penelope. It’s a small, mixed-breed dog with a big heart, which can lift my mood any minute and make me forget about everything negative. If you’re still not sure about adopting a friend, think about how much happiness and love it can bring when you’re down! But don’t forget that every dog needs care and specific treatment. You love and care for them and they return it 10-fold. Enjoy your canine companion!

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