Top 10 Beauty Gadgets

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1. Clarisonic - Top 10 Beauty Gadgets

1. Clarisonic
The first step in any beauty regimen is making sure your skin is clean. However, cleaning your face with a scrub or a facewash might not be enough. Most of us are busy ladies and we don’t have time to go and make an appointment at a spa salon every week. That is where Clarisonic comes in. This lovely beauty gadget can give you the same result as a face cleansing procedure at a spa, except you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your home and it can be done in just one minute. Sonic cleansing is safe, powerful yet gentle, which means it’s suitable for all skin types. Clarisonic gently exfoliates your skin, cleanses your pores and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Foreo Luna - Top 10 Beauty Gadgets2. Foreo Luna
This beauty gadget is meant to basically be a newer, more futuristic version of the Clarisonic. Foreo Luna comes in 4 different kinds: Luna, Luna mini (for travelling), Luna for Men and Luna Luxe. What makes Luna different from other sonic face cleansers is that it’s made of super soft silicone instead of bristles and is meant to be more gentle. When buying this gadget you can choose from 3 different models depending on your skin type. This beauty gadget also battles the signs of aging and is meant to make your skin appear firmer and younger.

3. Bliss Lean Machine - Top 10 Beauty Gadgets3. Bliss Lean Machine
Cellulite is a problem for many women and getting rid of it is notoriously difficult. Bliss Lean Machine is a beauty gadget that’s meant to help you speed up the process and minimize the appearance of cellulite. It combines the benefits of anti-cellulite massage and a skin firming body cream (you get a free tub of cream when you buy the Bliss Lean machine). The sensation you get when using this machine is similar to a vacuum and might require some getting used to. You’re supposed to just massage the problem areas using this gadget 3 times a week. The results should be obvious after a couple of weeks.

4. Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device - Top 10 Beauty Gadgets4. Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device
We all want to have beautiful pearly white teeth, but most people either can’t afford professional teeth whitening or they just aren’t that thrilled about going to the dentist. And most products like whitening toothpaste just don’t give the same results. Well, thankfully now there’s a better way. Glo Brilliant is an innovation in teeth whitening. It’s a home teeth whitening kit that will help you achieve your dream Hollywood smile in no time. The secret of this beauty gadget is that unlike all other teeth whitening products it uses Guided Light Optic technology, which helps you achieve better results quicker.

5. NuFace - Top 10 Beauty Gadgets5. NuFace
Who knew that shocking your face for 5 minutes a day could slow down aging? But it’s true. NuFace is a revolutionary beauty gadget that stimulates your skin with a low-level electrical current. Nuface is very easy to use, you just apply the Nuface primer and glide the device over your skin for 5 seconds or hold over the problem are for spot treatment. After you’re done don’t forget to moisturize your skin. As a result your skin will look tighter and have a natural healthy glow. There’s a whole range of Nuface gadgets, each tailored for your needs and made with a different purpose in mind, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

6. Tanda Zap - Top 10 Beauty Gadgets6. Tanda Zap
This beauty gadget is a life saver for those who often gets blemishes and suffers from breakouts. Tanda Zap can literally make your blemishes disappear in 24 hours. It uses a combination of sonic vibration and LED lights used by dermatologists to achieve amazing results. Not only does this beauty gadget help get rid of blemishes, it also works on breakouts that already exist and helps prevent future outbreaks. It’s suitable for all skin types and is actually recommended by dermatologists.

7. Silk’n Glide Hair Removal - Top 10 Beauty Gadgets7. Silk’n Glide Hair Removal
Say goodbye to waxing and shaving and even epilating. Hair removal can be less painful and more permanent with Silk’n Glide. This wonderful beauty gadget uses Pulse Light technology to remove hair and slow down it’s growth. Normally you’d have to go to a clinic or a beauty salon to get this procedure, but that can take up a lot of time and money, and as we all know, several costly procedures are needed to achieve the effect you want. With Silk’n Glide you can do it at home and you won’t have to pay extra for each procedure.

Top 10 Beauty Gadgets

8. Therapy RX Moisture Boosting Tool
This is not just your usual hair straightener, even though it looks like it. This is a moisturizing tool meant to condition and heal your hair. This beauty gadget doesn’t use heat, instead it uses sonic and infrared technology to make your hair look healthier and more shiny. It’s not a styling tool. This device is meant to be used with conditioners and oils and other hair treatments to help them penetrate the hair follicles better and make your locks look better. Use this beauty gadget on damp hair, after spraying it with leave-in conditioner. Do this twice a week and soon you’ll see that your hair looks bouncier and is more manageable.

9. Airbrush Makeup System - Top 10 Beauty Gadgets9. Airbrush Makeup System
If you ever wondered how hollywood stars achieve that perfect airbrushed look? How does their skin look so even and perfect? The answer is simple – Airbrush Makeup System. Instead of playing around with cream foundations and powders you can just spray everything on evenly and look flawless. This beauty gadget works its magic by spraying thin even layers of makeup onto your skin. It’s kind of like spray tanning, but way more precise. And it’s not just foundation that can be applied this way, you can also apply blush with it too. Now that the secret is out you can go ahead and look like a celebrity.


10. Scholl Energy Percussion Massager - Top 10 Beauty Gadgets10. Scholl Energy Percussion Massager
If you work in an office you’re no stranger to neck pains and back pains. No matter how much you tell yourself to sit straight and not hunch your back, work environment stress gets to everyone and by the end of the day we all feel those muscles tense up and all we want is a massage. If you’ve got time and money you can go and get a massage at a spa salon, but most of us won’t be able to do that more than once a week. This is where beauty gadgets come in handy. Scholl Energy Percussion massager has a whole bunch of different settings and will relax your muscles in no time. And the best part, it’s very affordable and you can use it every day if you want.

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