Tips On How To Dress Like You’re A Millionaire

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Tips On How To Dress Like You

If you want to look successful and feel confident, you don’t actually need huge sums of money to spend in the most expensive stores and boutiques. There are some interesting and surprisingly simple tricks that can help you to dive into a rich and powerful world and come out with a rich look! Follow these suggestions and you’ll look like a millionaire without millions in your bank account!

1. Classy is always a win1. Classy is always a win.
The easiest way to achieve a rich look is sticking to uniforms! Black straight leg pants or jeans and white shirt and classy heels well matched together will create a really good look. Or why not to rock a conservative ladylike black dress with minimalistic accessories? Every girl has that ‘little black dress’ in the closet. With some pearls, it’s dynamite.

2. Stick to casual2. Stick to casual.
You can rock stylish or discreet skirts or dresses, but it’s also appropriate for women to wear trendy pants or jeans and combine them with a t-shirt, scarf and heels. Just make sure the whole look doesn’t appear cheap and trashy. Yes, eclectic can go too far. If you get too many colors running together you come out with a look that says “I don’t know how to dress well!” Get some trendy cardigans – they are always a win-win. There’s one thing you should really forget about – sweatpants.

3. No logos3. No logos.
Remember: the most popular and expensive brands usually don’t place their tags on the visible parts of clothing, so it’s better to get items of mysterious origins. Or just remove all the tags from your clothes. No purses covered in logos!

4. Less is more4. Less is more!
Your outfit doesn’t have to stand out from the crowd and impress people around with a bunch of rhinestones, bling, wild colors or too much jewelry. You’re not going to look like those rappers on MTV, right? Create an elegant look wearing only a few discreet pieces of jewelry. A nice tip: if you want to save money on jewelry, get items like fake pearls. They are too hard to tell from the real ones unlike diamonds or other expensive gems.

5. Details matter5. Details matter.
All your accessories and stuff you use should look stylish and sustained. Make sure all the elements complete your millionaire’s style: a nice sophisticated phone case, stylish notepads, pens, high-quality eyeglasses and watches etc. Let your accessories be essential parts of your whole rich image.

6. Red lipstick6. Your make up should be more neutral, but don’t forget about red lipstick that is always in trend. When choosing a perfume, try to use a more subtle scent. You don’t have to spend all your money on the most expensive perfumes, but if you really want to smell rich, you can monitor some interesting deals and discounts and get the ones you have dreamed about.



7. Buy good quality shoes7. Buy good quality shoes.
The shoes define the entire outfit so you just can’t ignore this part. Always try to choose minimalistic style pairs, so you will be able to combine most of your outfits with them. Don’t be afraid to spend extra money on quality shoes, get at least one really expensive and valuable pair. Keep your shoes clean and don’t forget to polish them.

8. Invest in your wardrobe wisely8. Invest in your wardrobe wisely.
Don’t try to make the first impression buying and wearing clothes that look good on mannequins. Search for the items that fit your body perfectly, that flatter your figure perfectly. Even if you don’t really like shopping, force yourself to spend extra time trying on different items and sizes to find the best fitting ones. Do not buy clothes you’re not sure fit correctly.

9. If you have a limited clothing budget9. If you have a limited clothing budget.
 it’s better to buy a few good quality clothes than a lot of poor quality ones. Fill your wardrobe with some valuable things that will last longer and look better. Without a doubt, you will feel and look more confident in clothes that are well-made.

10. Take care of your clothes10. Take care of your clothes.
Your items should be well kept so they will last longer and look better. Always pay attention on the directions included or use dry-cleaning services. Wear only clean and pressed clothes that are in a good condition. Do not wear items with scratches, holes etc.

11. Take care of yourself11. Take care of yourself.
Clothing isn’t the only part that can make you look rich and successful. You won’t be able to achieve that image without being neat and tidy. Wash your hair, get a tasteful haircut, take care of your skin and nails, and brush your teeth. Get whitening toothpaste to achieve an attractive Hollywood smile. Sleep well to look fresh every day.

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