Tips for Pairing Jewelry with Outfits

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Tips for Pairing Jewelry with Outfits

From a very early age girls are addicted to jewelry. Throughout the years our tastes, age and earnings change but our love to all these bling-bling things stays eternal. We’re pretty sure you’re highly skilled at choosing and purchasing jewelry pieces but when it comes to pairing the jewels with your look it brings a lot of difficulties, angst and questions you have no answers to. Even a small pairing imperfection can spoil your carefully selected outfit.

Have no clue how to pair you last whim-wham piece? Take a deep breath and turn off your panic mode. Here are a few simple tips to move along with choosing jewelry that will work best with your outfit and will perfectly fit the whole look.

Tips for Pairing Jewelry with OutfitsEarrings

  • The classy ear cuff is the latest bauble in the worldwide jewelry box. The pearl-studded, the delicate ones, the chain iterations and so on. They are an unbelievable jewelry masterpiece. Just find your perfect match and pair it with any kind of outfit. They are absolutely universal.
  • Strike the right balance with a drop and/or heavy earrings. They work better with collarless tops and add a sexy accent to your bare neck. Get rid of the necklace. Wear the tank top or a dress with cleavage. Guys love cleavage you know!
  • Choose the contrast color of the textiles in case your earrings are self-colored vice versa wear a self-colored top in case of choosing multicolored ones. For instance you could wear a black dress with white color earrings .
  • If you are going to wear a gown or a top with a print make sure your earrings match the shape of the print.
  • Choose clusters for a dressy occasion like a cocktail party.
  • The small hoops and understated stud earrings are perfect for the conservative outfits and formal events.
  • There is nothing better than casual chandliers as well as the novelty studs if you’re dressing dor for a relaxing day;
  • Ensure that the earrings’ material is suited to the occasion. The wooden, plastic and resin ones for the informal events. The rhinestones for the night outs. The classic crystals for the formal dinner;

Tips for Pairing Jewelry with OutfitsBracelets

  • Do not wear a massive one on the same wrist with your watch. Make sure its style matches your watch (e.g. do not pair a glamorous one with a casual watch). Color can be different but not a style. Pair it with a floor-length dress, blue jeans and white A-line shirt. Essential: get rid of the sleeves. You should be barehanded at least to the elbow;
  • The multiple thin candy-colored pieces work better together to create a fuller look; Wear them with your late spring and summer looks. Choose self-colored textiles and feel free with the get-ups;
  • The crystal and pearled bracelets are the best decision for the office-formal suit and the little black dress;
  • The urban wrist accessory can work wonders with a bikini look;
  • Wear the ethnic leather bracelet with the vintage dress and boots. It’s also a good match for the flower and hippie prints;
  • Plastic bracelets. Just do not wear plastic bracelets;
  • The bracelets made of silver or gold metal are one-size-fits-all.

Tips for Pairing Jewelry with Outfits


  • If you’re in trend with the latest ring obsession – the handscape – be sure your fingers say something gorgeous to the world. Mix the midi ones with the dazzling nail-ring borders in the right way. They should be alike in color, be the same color and metal. Wear them if you are trying to achieve the hipster or vintage style look. Feel free with wardrobe items but keep this one and only style to the last detail;
  • One more fashionable trend is the ring combos. They look great with skinny jeans or black pants paired with an over-sized top. No one will ever accuse you of being boring or monotonous in this combination;
  • Be elegant! If you’re going to be ‘little black dressed’ choose only one thin ring glazed with a few rhinestones or decorated with a small pearl;
  • Combine the 2 self-colored metal rings of the same shape with your formal outfit;
  • Never ever mix the different metal colors. It will spoil even the otherwise perfect look that you have put together;
  • In case you received a proposal of marriage first of all accept our cordial congratulations. Planning your bride look please get rid of all extra rings even the most fashionable ones. There is no ring that fits a wedding dress better than the engagement ring (the Tiffany one for sure, LOL);
  • The big black massive ring (say an Onyx stone for instance) is a true must-have of every girl. It can spice up both the simple casual outfit or the complicated well-thought-out look.Tips for Pairing Jewelry with OutfitsNecklace
  • The latest hu-u-uge trend is the statement necklace. It can really bring any outfit to the next level. The best trick is to pair it with something boring like a plain dress. Just try and you’ll see the unbelievable transformation;
  • Wear the long thin ones with a deep cleavages;
  • Choose the massive models to pair them with white shirts with a collar;
  • Take a long chain with a funky bob and combine it with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a black top;
  • Pair the formal gown with a long thin chain with a rhinestones drop;
  • Put the pearl rope across your neck to add a romantic flair to the boring business dress;
  • Try combining a sweatshirt with a cut-away back and the long chain with a geometric pendant. Put it on your back not on your chest as usual.

Tips for Pairing Jewelry with OutfitsHair Jewelry


  • Choose the contrast colors. Pair bronze accessories with a black and white kit. Choose the silver pieces for the bright-colored outfits like yellow and green. Take a deep black hair-slide to make an accent to your red ‘femme fatale’ dress;
  • Pair the little ‘princess’ bobby pins with a skittish candy dresses.
  • Take a few self-colored wide clips to create a small curl that will add a rakish hint to your severe office dress;
  • Pair the flower decorated clips with your playful bikini;
  • Use the wide metal ring to fix the ponytail when you’re dressed skinny and in a stunning, romantic nude-colored jacket;
  • Combine the hair-rim covered with rhinestones with the cocktail or party dress. But pair the barbed one which can be decorated with the studs with the jean-shorts and leather boots;
  • Don’t mix the different shapes and forms of the clips at the same time. This trick really never works with any clothing combination and brings only heartache and frustration;Tips for Pairing Jewelry with OutfitsLegs Chain
  • The latest quirky trend that caused a storm in the fashion world should be worn with shorts on bare legs, over jeans or with tights. Your leg chain will rock;
  • Choose the silver metals to make an accent on your perfect tan when wearing the chain with your bikini;
  • This accessory works better with sneakers of all descriptions – even high heel Chuck Taylor All-Stars! It also looks good when you’re barefoot;
  • Wear some foot rings so you’re doing the full complete look;
  • If you want to combine it with a dress – don’t choose a tight one;
  • It looks better when you pair it with a self-colored outfit. To wear the leg chain with bright printed shorts is an indication of bad fashion taste. In fact you may be arrested and fined by the fashion police, but for sure you will be snickered at by your friends;
  • Try to avoid any kind of spangles or the rhinestones in case you wear it with tights. It will look vulgar.


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