Tips and Tricks of Under Eye Makeup

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Tips and Tricks of Under Eye Makeup

Not every woman pays enough attention to under eye makeup. Some pay attention only to their upper eye-lid, skipping the needed touches on the under eye, and some are not familiar with the techniques of applying makeup to the under parts of their eyes at all! However, as some unknown wise philosopher once said “eyes are the mirror of the soul” so the whole eye has to look right. Here are some ideas on under-eyes that I think you will love and find really easy to apply. These little tricks can be just THE perfect accent to conceal facial drawbacks and accentuate all the positives of your good looks.

Tips and Tricks of Under Eye MakeupUsing Eyeliner
When applying eyeliner under your eyes, there are two options. First is using eyeliner inside the rim, between your lashes and the eye. It makes your look more distinctive,however can make your eyes look smaller. For a more dramatic look you can apply eyeliner on the rim and then make it thicker, covering lower lashes too. The second option is to line at the border, right under your eye lashes. Unlike the first variant, you will not narrow your eyes.

Tip: if you use the eyeliner on upper lid as well, the eyeliner on the lower lash line should connect with the back corner of the upper line. Do not circle your eyes around. Leave the inside corner of eyes unlined, lining only two thirds of the eye. It will create a softer, more natural look.


Tips and Tricks of Under Eye Makeup 3White Is a New Black
Speaking about eye liner we want to mention white eye liner which has become trendier over the past couple of years. White eye liner won’t make your makeup look heavy. It will open up your eyes instead of narrowing them, and will create the effect of big, elongated eyes. White eyeliner also helps to minimize the look of redness and tiredness of the eyes.

Tip: White eye liner itself won’t accentuate your eyes when used alone. Mix it with a black eyeliner applying black on your top lid and white on your bottom lid.

Tips and Tricks of Under Eye MakeupApplying Shadow
The problem of using eye shadow under eyes is that if applied wrong it can create the effect of shabby make up or under eye dark circles. However, real smokey eyes demand applying shadow both on the upper and bottom eye lid.

Tip: Using a small shadow brush apply shadow along the bottom lashes and dust it at the base. Do not create a thick line to avoid the melted make up effect. Apply shadow before mascara as your bottom eyelashes will not be vivid under the layer of shadow.

Tips and Tricks of Under Eye MakeupConceal The Dark Circles
In choosing a concealer opt for a more yellowish base color. The tone should be lighter than your skin color. Don’t choose concealers that are too dry for your skin type. Professionals advise to use creamy concealers, not to damage the sensitive skin under your eyes and to make it look essential (not cracking in the micro wrinkles). You may also use creamy foundation as a concealer. You’ll just have to apply a bit thicker layer of it to eliminate the bluish color under eyes.

Tip: Never apply concealer entirely under the eye. Use it strictly on the dark circles, starting from the inner corner of the eye down towards the cheek.

Tips and Tricks of Under Eye MakeupMistakes to avoid
Under eye makeup can be a tricky thing, so even if you master all the rules you should beware of several common mistakes.
1. Unless you want to create Arabic style eye makeup do not make thick lines under your eyes.
2. Heavy under eye makeup makes you look older. Make up artists advise to line the lower lid with a soft pencil and smudge it slightly with a brush or finger to create a natural look.
3. Heavy under eye liner may create the effect of smeared mascara. Apply your eyeliner more softly and use colors other than black if they are appropriate to the overall look you are trying to achieve. Colored eyeliners look fresh and never get dated

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