The Best Fashion And Beauty Apps

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The Best Fashion And Beauty Apps

These days our smartphones replace almost everything: from reading books, planning meetings, tracking our activities to purchasing clothes and paying our bills. If you have seriously gotten used to dealing with your stuff with the help of your smartphone, these cool fashion and beauty apps are just a must have!

1. Shopkick1. Shopkick We all love shopping. Some of us are even obsessed with shopping. Are you? Then download this app immediately. Using this one, you’ll be able to find out about the latest deals and special offers that will save you some cash. Learn the most popular trends without too much effort. Also, this app has an extra benefit: you can collect “kicks” by walking in stores; scanning products and purchasing them, then redeem your “kicks” into different local gift cards – from Starbucks to Sephora.

2. Spruce2. Spruce This free app allows you to get consultations from certified dermatologists. Pay only $40, upload your photos, fill in basic information and get a diagnosis and prescriptions online within 24 hours. After that, you can contact your personal dermatologist within 30 days for free. Now you don’t have to take day-offs to visit your doctor. Do it online using Spruce!

3.Visada3. Visada If you’re having a hard time choosing the right make-up items, this app is surely for you. It may sound unbelievable, but the app only requires your selfie. Upload your photo and Visada will analyze it, create your beauty profile and give you professional personalized advice on beauty products, beauty regimen and make up colors that will fit you best. Get quality recommendations on the best make up products along with their prices and detailed descriptions. This app will also help you define your face shape and find your celebrity look-alike. Sounds exciting, right? Hurry up to get it!

4. BeautyNow4. BeautyNow If you just realized you’re having an important event tonight, this app will help you instantly book a beauty appointment you need. Organize manicure, massage session, waxing etc. with BeautyNow according to your current location. You can read and leave reviews for any of the beauty services.

5. Bellashoot5. Bellashoot Are you a fan of different fashion and beauty YouTube tutorials? You’ve come to the right place! Browse a huge collection of various beauty product reviews, tips, video guides and more with this beautiful user-friendly app. Thousands of fashion and beauty lovers are hanging out here. And you have a chance to get the app for free.

6. PrettyQuick6. PrettyQuick Another super simple app to help you always look beautiful. Book manicure appointment to the nearest nail salon, learn the prices, read and write reviews. Every 8 bookings will give you free $15 that you can use for the next beauty sessions. The app is free for everyone.

7. Beautiful Me.7. Beautiful Me This app literally allows you to become a make-up expert. First of all, take a selfie, then upload it to the app (you can use your Facebook pics as well). The app will instantly define your skin tone and undertone, facial features, visual age and recommend you the most suitable make-up colors and beauty products for your eyes, lips and face.

8. Keep8. Keep Ideal app for shoppers. Warning: it is really addictive. But still, you need to try it! Download the app and buy the latest fashion trends in clothing, shoes, home décor, home design, accessories etc. The app allows you to create and organize your own collections and wish-lists, so you’ll be able to purchase the items from your collections later. Get price alerts when your keeps are on sale. Also, Keep gives you $3 credit for your every purchase which you can spend on the next purchase. Tones of great deals and fashion items are waiting for you. Become one of the Keepers right now!

9. Trusper Tips, Tutorials, How-to9. Trusper Tips, Tutorials, How-to’s A nice place to discover and share tips, tricks, tutorials and how-to’s on fashion, beauty, DIY and more, shared by people all over the world. Share your own beauty and wellness tutorials with everyone (or with “friends only”) and earn new statuses to unlock more exclusive info. Get the app on your phone for free and experience much more!

10. Beautiq10. Beautiq We all have those days when we don’t feel like leaving home but have a lot to do. Don’t waste your time on exhausting trips to beauty salons and set an appointment with a professional right in the comfort of your home. This application is easy to use and it offers a full spectrum of beauty care: from waxing to make-up and hair.

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