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Simple Tricks for successful & ideal makeup

Simple Tricks for successful & ideal makeup
Applying make-up is of the difficult tasks, many years are needed to understand its techniques. Once the women think that she has mastered it,  new patterns and models show and requires entirely different skills. But fortunately here are some techniques and tricks that can be adopted  that are in line with all the new fashions.

Simple Tricks for successful & ideal makeup

Tricks for successful & ideal makeup

Lasting Lipstick

Simple trick to ensure a strong color and it lasts as long as possible. After applying the first layer of lipstick , put a tissue on the lips, the next step is to put transparent powder on top of the brush using tissue. The goal of this trick is the additional absorption of oils and fluids that make lipstick lose its color quickly.

Simple Tricks for successful & ideal makeup

Long lasting  mascara

Mascara tend to dry quickly,  what makes them clump and thus spoil the makeup and your view as well. To make them last , all you have to do is a little bit of moisturizing eye drops mix. 3 or 4 points, enough to make them last longer.

Simple Tricks for successful & ideal makeup

Make-up removal Alternative

Suddenly discovering that your cosmetics  make-up remover is completely empty, what are you doing? Washing the face more than once may remove make-up for the face,  but it will not remove eye makeup at all. The alternative is the olive oil. put a little of it on the soft cotton , try to be careful when removing eye makeup not to enter into your eye.

Simple Tricks for successful & ideal makeup

Covering dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes of evil is no room to escape from it . They are the result of fatigue, which kills the lives of everyone. Usually you can apply Concealer to hide these dark circles, but Concealer color usually is either white or tends to yellow slightly, one of the colors that do not hide dark circles perfectly. The solution is using a little of the orange color, whether powder blush or eye makeup, a little orange with Concealer hide dark circles like magic.

Simple Tricks for successful & ideal makeup


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