Simple Style tips for short girl

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Simple Style tips for short girl

tips for short girl

Are you really short? Do you ever encounter a problem with that ?, Here are easy tricks can save you from this problem, We are going to give you simple style tips in order not to experience any obstacles in the completion of your style:

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1. high-heeled shoe:
Wear high-heeled shoes, which gives you a measure of immediate and visible length , and the high heels lends a touch of elegance on those who, whether long or short.

2. Wear high waist fashion:
Such designs, whether in skirts or pants, that creates a kind of “illusion” or optical illusion, that inspire others that who has worn them have svelte and perfect strength , which means that the fashion of high waist fit short girl certainly .
3. Wear long dresses and skirts:
In general, any short girl has “phobia” to wear any long uniforms , for fear of not matching, or the belief that the long-clothing does fit only tall, and this is totally a misconception, because the long clothing give the short girl more length, and makes her look longer than actually she is.

4. Choose a high-waist belts:
Be careful when choosing your waist belts, because they significantly affect the overall appearance . broad belts give the impression  that if the belt divides the body into two parts, high belts suggest the aesthetic appearance , and give the visual impression of continuous extension, which fits short girl.

Style tips for short girl

Simple Style tips for short girl
5. Wear dark colors:
Splendor and importance of dark colors do not lie in that it gives a sense of elegance, fit those of overweight, but also because it helps in drawing and extended image of the girl short, help her to look longer.

6. Avoid big handbags Size:
When it comes to the elegantly short girl , we should not neglect the accessories, as they play a valuable role in this regard, so you can choose a small-sized bags, because otherwise the outcome will come adversely affect the appearance that you would like to get it.

Simple Style tips for short girl
7. Wear Fashion that lined vertically:
We all know that the fashion that lined horizontally fit skinny girl, and give the impression of size and vast size.. According to this, the lined vertically fashion gives you the impression of lengthwise and sprawl.
Simple Style tips for short girl

Simple Style tips for short girl

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