Simple remedy to get rid of puffy eye

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The long nights, the electronic screens, genetic factors coming together … that destroys the beauty of your skin , your eyes need special care and attention. Does not claim those dark circles and high wrinkles get deformation of your face and disclose your real age,
The problem of the bulging eyes is very common in women, especially in the morning, how many times you  woke up with eyes swollen and tired?  there are a lot of industrial creams or masks that may help you, but we all know that, they are  all have the horrible side effects, so we advise you my dear lady to resort to the natural home remedy that will get rid of this  issues plus, it can nourish your skin and, in particular, the sensitive area around your eyes.

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We search and search about a simple and easy tips for you, to use an easy home remedy that can really get rid of this annoying eyes look, the solution is by using potato slices on your eyes. it helps in reducing water retention. In addition potato contain the enzyme catalyses which reduces dark circles.

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you can apply this simple method by washing the potatoes so well, grain, peel then put a slice on each eye for 10 minutes. then wash your eyes with lukewarm water to remove all the potatoes . we hope you like this simple recipe and its useful benefits, and good luck.

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