Reasons to Laugh More

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Reasons to Laugh More

Laugh more… laugh till your sides heart… laugh as if you are a kid again! Laughing is great, we should laugh everywhere and all the time cause laughing makes our lives full and you don’t need a doctor to tell you that laughing is also good for your health.
A 6 year old child laughs about 300 times a day while adults smile and laugh an average of only 15 times per day. That’s why those little people are so happy and optimistic and that’s why we all want to return to our childhood.
Let’s look at other reasons why you should laugh more.

1. Laughing makes women younger1. Laughing makes women youngerYou may think that smiling may cause premature facial wrinkles and thus early age-related wrinkles. But, everything is quite the opposite!

To smile and laugh as often as possible is necessary because while laughing facial muscles become stronger, blood rushes to the skin. Not only is laughing a natural face builder, but also a way to slow the aging process, to provide the face with additional power and become the owner of a healthy blush.

2. Laughing re-leaves depression and puts you in a good mood2. Laughing re-leaves depression and puts you in a good moodDuring laughter the facial muscles send specific impulses that are beneficial to the nervous system and brain activity. Of course you may visit your doctor and treat the depression or funky mood with antidepressants, but only if you have nothing to do!

If you have a bad mood, it’s even recommended to consciously force yourself to put on a smile. This way you are forcing yourself to enjoy life, so that then it would happen in reality.
In addition, only one minute of laughter replaces 45 minutes of deep relaxation.

3. Laughing strengthens the immune system3. Laughing strengthens the immune systemModern scholars claim that laughter mobilizes our immune system to fight diseases. Laugh as much as you can, in winter particularly, to increase the amount of immunoglobulin A, that protects our body from viruses and bacterial attacks.
In addition, laughing improves ventilation of the lungs, lowers blood pressure and even blood sugar!

4. Laughing reduces pain4. Laughing reduces painTreatment with laughter is popular around the world. There are even doctor-clowns in Germany who attend seriously ill children. In India, they practice yoga laughter, which combines breathing gymnastics of traditional yoga, stretching and exercises that imitate laughter.

Of course, laughter can not cure chronic disease or severe migraines, but it can alleviate your condition, in particular due to the action of endorphins, which relieve pain.

5. Laughing improves your body shape5. Laughing improves your body shapeNot only it is an aerobics for muscles of the face, but also a great massage for the internal organs.
Can you imagine, that when a person laughs, eighty muscle groups work! It’s an especially great work out for abdominal muscles, the back and legs. One minute of laughter has the same effect as 15 minutes of cycling, so you can actually burn almost a chocolate bar. Well, I guess you would choose laughing over cycling, wouldn’t you?

You expend much energy laughing that if you hold your sides with laughter for an hour you may drop 110 lbs! But it is worth considering that people can laugh no longer that for an hour.

6. Laughing improves relations and resolves conflicts6. Laughing improves relations and resolves conflictsPsychologists have long known that laughter is a great tool in group therapy. Laughter brings people together, helps to quickly engage in a discussion or get rid of negative emotions. Even just looking at people laughing – improves your mood. I bet you are already smiling after the adorable images of laughing children in this article=)
So, once you are in a bad mood, stand in front of a mirror and force yourself to at least smile – perhaps the problem will immediately become smaller.
Gelotology is the science of laughter. It’s practitioners state that we should laugh not only because it is fun, but to make it fun!

7. Laughing brings benefits7. Laughing brings benefitsIt’s no surprise that a smile makes you look more appealing. Plus, laughter can obtain monetary gain also. For example, the waiters who are constantly smiling to customers receive 1.5 times more tips.
In addition, women consider men with a good sense of humor to be smarter than those who are too serious.
By the way, it is believed that a sense of humor is more prevalent in men than women, because of the male sex hormone testosterone. So women should force themselves even harder to laugh more often.



8. Laughing helps us to think8. Laughing helps us to thinkLaughter increases creativity and the ability to solve various problems activating the limbic system of the brain, connecting the left and right hemispheres.

9. Laughing prolongs life9. Laughing prolongs lifeResearchers at the Albert Einstein College and Yeshiva University (USA) found that such personality traits as optimism, serenity and joy are parts of the “longevity gene”.
Most of the centenarians who took part in the study turned out to be quiet optimists who believed that laughter is the most important thing in life. They always expressed their emotions openly. In addition, they had a great number of friends.

After comparing the life expectancy of the famous theater actors over the past 270 years, Swedish doctors have revealed an unexpected consistent pattern: comedians live longer than tragedians.

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