Pretty in pink

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Pretty in pink

Pink is a truly cute and feminine color many girls love to wear. If you prefer it too, you should learn how to combine pink clothing with other colors correctly. It’s fine to be the center of attention but you don’t want to look like a crazy Barbie girl from the 90s, do you? Let’s except the challenge! Follow these tips on how to wear one of the top spring fashion shades right.

1. Pink is not everyone’s color1. Pink is not everyone’s color .
but it works really well with a huge amount of different shades, either cool ones or warm ones. Try to pair pink with the colors that fit you the best. The optimal colors to combine with pink shades are: chocolate, navy, olive, black, teal and emerald. To keep from looking way too girly, use more sophisticated and subtle pieces of clothing and leave fancy behind. Now you’re ready to play the pink game.

2. Top to toe2. Top to toe.
Who said it’s a no-no? Try on a stylish baby-pink suit with a tailored top that’s one-two tones darker. Choose darker shoes and minimalistic jewelry. This light and chic outfit will look absolutely stunning and will get a lot of positive glances and nods from your contemporaries. Wear a simple but elegant plain blush dress with a pair of light color heels. You will feel cute and confident at the same time. Just remember: your jewelry should look minimalistic and you should wear the jewelry sparingly – don’t overload as it looks cheezy. Or don’t wear it at all.

3. Floral3. Floral.
You actually can wear pink floral dresses all year long. Choose restrained shades and prints for a formal look or brighter prints to rock a more casual chick style. In spring and summer you can wear sleeveless and strapless floral dresses. Combine your dress with flip-flops or your favorite pair of converse – the white pair will be perfect. For a dressier look, wear high-heeled sandals. You can still rock pink floral prints in winter and fall, choosing darker and deeper shades and combining them with dark (navy or brown) accessories, cardigans etc.

4. Make-up and nails4. Make-up and nails.
If you’re not sure about wearing pink tops and think they can make you look sick or washed out, try swiping some blush on the apples of your cheeks. You will look fresh and bright. Pink nails always look stylish no matter what season it is. There are tons of amazing pink nail designs to try. Know that pink nails match almost any style. Don’t stop experimenting.

5. Hair5. Hair.
The hair, which shines and sparkles in intensely bright colors is hugely popular now. So, you can dye your hair into deep bright pink color with no fear.

6. Striking pink coat or cardigan6. Striking pink coat or cardigan.
Every stylish girl knows that slightly oversized coats are trendy now. So if you try skinny or boyfriend’s jeans, a simple loose white shirt, a few accessories and complete your look with a pink coat (or a cardigan), you will get a cute casual look that will grab all the attention.

7. Accessories7. Accessories.
Not sure about pink clothing? Try original accessories in pink colors. Handbags, clutches, belts, bracelets and scarves look gorgeous in pink! An important change in style rules you have to know: your belt or handbag doesn’t have to match your shoes. It’s time to change the rules and shake up tradition a bit!

8. Shoes8. Shoes.
Do we have to mention that pink shoes look totally adorable? Whether it is heels or minimal style flats, a pair will become a featured item of your wardrobe. Are your legs tired of girly shoes? Ditch painful heels and wear pink sneakers instead. Wearing sneakers with almost any types and styles of clothing is hugely stylish now.

9. Red and pink?9. Red and pink?
Wearing these colors together is a quite serious statement. You’ve been warned about this color combination since you were a kid but now it’s time for some experimentations. The main thing is to balance these two shades so your whole look will be pretty interesting and fresh. First of all, when trying on these two shades, make sure this combination looks intentional; that it wasn’t an accident where you just grabbed something red so you had a belt or scarf for your costume. If you don’t feel confident enough – better not to wear them. Try to avoid prints when combining pink and red, choose solid color clothing. Also, you can combine red shoes with a pink dress and look stunning. Just never stop trying something new! Who knows, maybe this will become your new favorite color combination.

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