Preparing Formula

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The preparation of formula for a baby is one of the most important jobs you will do if you do not breastfeeding your baby, and so you must be very particular in following the procedure for your child health.

When preparing formula it is extremely important to follow the recommended measures. To mix too much powder milk into the water can result in very serious health problems for the baby. Too little powder means the baby is not receiving the balance of food that he or she needs.

BE ACCURATE: Never put in too much or too little powder

Steps to Follow:

Prepare a clean area to put the bottles on when making the feed
Wash your hands thoroughly
Ensure that the water is ready in advance of feeding time

That it has been boiled and has cooled to recommended temperature for mixing (specified on formula packet/tin)

Remove bottles from where they are stored or from the steriliser

If bottles need assembled do not over-handle them
handle bottles from outside and handle carefully the edges of teats

Open the tin of formula carefully – avoid touching the inside of the tin
Measure the correct amount of water into the bottles

Follow the EXACT instructions on the formula tin about how much water needed
Be sure to bend down and check at eye level – you cannot be sure you are accurate if looking at water measure from above.

Put the required number of spoons of formula into the bottle

Tap the spoon against the edge of the tin to smooth off any excess powder milk and be sure it is an even spoonful – not heaped high, nor with air pockets
Follow the exact recommended measure – never more and never less!!!

Put on the teat and bottle top – be sure to screw tightly
Gently but firmly shake the bottle to mix the water and the formula powder

Do not shake up and down immediately or the powder will clog the teat and/or/milk will come out at the top

Check the bottom of the bottle to ensure no formula is sticking to the bottom
Check and double check well mixed
Ensure that the milk is at body temperature (check on inside of your own wrist) before giving to the baby

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