Potty Training-Child readiness sign

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what are some of the signs that baby is perhaps ready to be potty trained?

Wants to become more independent (do things by themselves for themselves);
Become much more aware of when they have a wet or soiled nappy;
Can be unhappy when this happens and may want to have the nappy changed;
Is aware of the “need to go to” and shows it by facial expression or by telling you;
May tell you when she or he is about to go (praise this);
Is keen to please you;
Can express and understand one-word statements, including words such as “wet”, “dry” “potty” and “go”;
Demonstrates imitative behavior – likes to copy others;
Is able to stay dry for at least two hours or even wakes up dry after a nap

(she or he may not demonstrate many of these signs, each child is different. So you must know your child)

So what must you do?

Be relaxed and have an un pressured attitude;
Try to help your child recognize the sensations of “being wet,” “wetting now,” and “about to be wet.”;
Talk to baby about the signs you notice, such as the child’ s pausing in play or walking as if he or she is uncomfortable after elimination. Use statements such as, “You are having a wee,” rather than asking the general question, “What are you doing?“;
Asking your child to let you know when the diaper is wet or dirty is another way of increasing awareness;
Praise him/her for his/her successes and do not mention any mistakes;
NEVER punish for “accidents” this will only delay progress;

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