Plastic Surgery Dos and Dont’s

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Plastic Surgery Dos and Dont’s 1

There were times when plastic surgery was only a thing celebrities and rich people would do. These days it’s much more common and our attitude towards plastic surgery is changing. It’s both a good and a bad thing. I think it’s great that now we have a chance to alter some things about our body that we’re not happy with, but it’s also ridiculous how many people do it for the wrong reasons.

Plastic Surgery Dos and Dont’s 2One of the first questions you should ask yourself when contemplating plastic surgery is “WHY?” Why are you doing this? What is the reason behind this? Is it because someone commented on your looks? Is it something you want to do because you want someone else to like you more? Is your friend getting plastic surgery and wants company so they talked you into that too? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”,then DON’T do it. Going under the knife to please someone else is never a good idea. It’s never worth it.

Plastic Surgery Dos and Dont’s 3Another thing you should do before committing to plastic surgery is consider other alternative options. Have a proper think about what you want to get done, what part of the body you’re not pleased with and find out if there are other less intrusive and less dangerous ways of fixing it. Too many people go under the knife to get rid of excess weight, and yes, that’s faster, but is it better? You think it’s a quick fixDON’T do it. Have you considered the pain, the soreness, the month of healing and bruising? Not such a quick fix, is it? Plus there’s always a possibility of complications. If you’re considering plastic surgery as a way to lose weight try hitting the gym first, changing up your diet or hiring a personal trainer. Even if you don’t get to your goal by just going to the gym and having a proper diet, you’ll at least install some good healthy habits that will keep you in shape after the surgery, so you don’t gain it all back again.

Plastic Surgery Dos and Dont’s 4If the reason you want to get plastic surgery is because there’s something you want to change for yourself, something that will give you peace of mind or improve your quality of life – go ahead. DO it. Remember that the only reason you should ever get plastic surgery is for yourself, and not for someone else. I don’t care if that someone else is your mother, father, significant other. You don’t know how long they will stick around and if you do it for someone else, there’s a big change you’ll regret it later, when they’re not around anymore.

Plastic Surgery Dos and Dont’s 5DO your research. You really shouldn’t just go into the first clinic or pick a surgeon at random. Google before and after pictures of the surgery you want to get. Read up on the dangers and possible side effects. Find some blogs about plastic surgery, maybe someone’s documented the whole process. Look up some videos on youtube. Research multiple plastic surgeons and trace their history. Go to multiple consultation and see what different doctors recommend. It might take longer this way and you might spend a bit more money, but it’ll be worth it. You want to get as much information as possible before you actually get the plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Dos and Dont’s 6Have reasonable expectations. Acknowledge the fact that you’ll be in pain for a while. Healing takes time. Be prepared to sleep in all sorts of weird positions while you’re healing. Be prepared for questions. Even though plastic surgery is quite common these days you’ll still get a lot of questions from your friends and family, and from complete strangers too. Be prepared to deal with the haters. There will be people who will tell you that you made a huge mistake. Hopefully, there won’t be a lot of them but it’s still better to be prepared. Remember that you’re doing this for yourself and they have no right to tell you how to live your life. In the end, it’s your life, your decisions and your body and you’re free to do whatever you want with it.

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