Overview of ages & growth clues for adding new foods

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AgeGrowth signsFoods to introduceQuantities
Birth to 6 MonthsMake sure baby can:
suck and swallow liquid
push tongue out
Breastfeeding or infant formula only
Recommended feeding for weight/age of baby
Recommended feeding for weight/age of baby
6 to 7 monthsMake sure baby can:
sit with support
hold head steady
take small spoon of food with mouth and swallow it easily

Pureed Food (very smooth)

strained, pureed cooked vegetables

strained and pureed soft fruits

cereal – eg baby rice, maize, sago

No wheat-based food

No couscous

These contain Gluten
Introduce very small portion (teaspoon) – once a day – early in day initially and then if not upset – later in the day before evening sleep.

Ensure any cereal is very smooth & wet

Continue with breastfeeding or bottle feeding according to instructions/weight recommended
7 to 8 monthsMake sure baby can:

grab and hold onto things

begin to chew

Well Sieved food

full fat milk products Eg yogurt

well sieved pulses Eg lentils, hummus(chickpea)

strained and pureed cooked chicken or boned fish
Start to gradually increase the amount of solid food

Move gradually from 1 feed a day to 2 and then 3 small meals a day

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