One Week Of Winter In Zermatt, Switzerland

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My name is Mikolaj Gospodarek and I’m polish photographer actually living in Germany. From couple of years I photograph winter in Alps. This year I started from visit in Zermatt.

It’s a wonderful alpine village in Switzerland. The biggest peak Matterhorn is like a magnet for tourists from all over the world. This time I got all week of wonderful weather. Sunshine and a little frost. Mountains looked really amazing. Every day I travelled with gondolas from 7am to 6pm looking for the best shoots. My favourite place- Gornergrat 3136 above sea level – from where I could see 29 other amazing peaks. Look at this wonderful panoramas.

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Breithorn. View from Klein Matterhorn

Matterhorn. View from Riffelberg

Weisshorn. Sunrise. View from Gornergrat

Alpine ibex. Gornergrat

Monte Rosa Hut

Weisshorn. Sunrise. View from Gornergrat

Gornergrat. View from Rothorn

Glacier palace. Matterhorn glacier paradise

Matterhorn. View from Riffelberg

Alpine ibex. Gornergrat

Alpine ibex. Gornergrat

Weisshorn. Sunrise. View from Gornergrat

Matterhorn. View from Trockener Steg

Matterhorn. View from Klein Matterhorn

View from Klein Matterhorn

Weisshorn. View from Riffelberg

Gornergrat railway

Sunset. View from Gornergrat

Matterhorn. Sunset. View from Gornergrat


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