The numerous benefits of banana for you and your children

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The numerous benefits of banana for you and your children

benefits of banana

Banana fruit has many benefits for you and for your children, and the good news that most of the children relish to eat it, its tastes delicious and easy to eat, what is the banana? Banana fruit contains natural sugar: sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber, and give an immediate sense of real-time energy. Studies have shown that bananas will give a person sufficient energy as of 90 minutes of aerobic exercise. In addition to energy, banana is a source of  the prevention of many diseases and injuries, what makes adding it to the daily diet imperative. Of these diseases:


A recent study found that people who suffer from depression feel better after eating a banana, the AHA contain tryptophan, a type of protein that turns into serotonin, and gives the feeling of relaxation and improves mood and gives a general feeling of happiness.



Bananas rich in iron and activates the fabrication of hemoglobin in the blood and helps in cases of anemia.

blood pressure

The only tropical fruit that is very rich in potassium and contains a small percentage of salt, making it ideal for the treatment of high blood pressure.

Brain Power

A study of about 200 children ate bananas three times a day, to show their results in the banana brain has helped children in learning and in raising the degree of their exams.


Bananas are rich in fiber helps regulate bowel movement, constipation and thus overcome the problems without the need for drugs softeners.

The numerous benefits of banana for you and your children


Bananas contain natural anti-acids in the body, for this reason, you will calm of heartburn if you eat a banana.

Morning sickness

You can eat a banana as a snack between meals to maintain the large blood sugar and avoid morning sickness.


Bananas are also rich in vitamin “d”, which helps to calm your nervous system. It also helps to calm bouts of longing for sweets and crackers from the blood sugar disorder.


The banana is used as a medicine for intestinal disorders because of its smooth, it also adjusts the degree of acidity in the stomach, and protects the stomach .

Warmly Body Control

Many see that banana fruit would reduce the emotional and physical heat in pregnant women.

If, Bananas can help prevent a lot of problems and diseases, also contains a fold foods found in other fruit, for this reason, eat bananas you and your children every day.

The numerous benefits of banana for you and your children

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