Nourishing face masks made from ingredients you have at home

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Nourishing face masks made from ingredients you have at home

Going to the spa and getting pampered can be a relaxing experience. But so can spending at least a hundred dollars less doing a home remedy where you know the ingredients, and they’re all natural. The advantages of using nature’s edible gifts instead of chemicals on our skin solves a lot of issues for people who are hypoallergenic, or just have sensitive skin. This option is much more affordable, and teaches you both about the foods that you consume, and that you use to treat your various skin issues. Half of these are probably sitting around in your spice cabinet or in a fruit salad in the fridge.
There’s a huge variety of them, so try different ones to see what matches your skin type. An aesthetician can be helpful, but you know the patterns of what your skin has done over the years, and it’s not too hard to diagnose your skin type: you can have oily, dry, or combination, and tailor each of these face masks to that specific type. Wash them all over with a hot washcloth and your pores will be thanking you When people say you’re glowing, you’ll start buying ingredients for your facials at the grocery store instead of some ridiculously overpriced salon.

1. Avocado1. Avocado – Avocado is packed with good fats and vitamins that keep your tummy full when you eat it. When you put it on your skin, you get the same results, and your skin will look radiant. Mix it with a little lemon juice. It can help with even intense situations like psoriasis and eczema.

2. Milk + Maple Syrup2. Milk + Maple Syrup – Bet you never thought of applying this simple ingredient that you put in your coffee every day. Mix it with maple syrup for the most supple skin. Maple syrup has antioxidants that prevent free radical damage and drastically effect aging. It’s great for delicate older skin that suffers wrinkles, as well as younger skin.

3. Brown Sugar Scrub3. Brown Sugar Scrub – This is more of an exfoliating mask than a moisturizing one. It won’t tear at the skin, and feels super refreshing when mixed with olive oil.

4. Banana + Yogurt + Honey4. Banana + Yogurt + Honey – This is great for oily skin. It feels really soothing when mixed with yogurt and honey, and is the perfect summer mask. The amino acids in banana nourish the skin’s connective tissues and helps maintain elasticity, and the potassium hydrates you from the inside out.

5. Strawberry Mask

5. Strawberry Mask – Another great mask for the warmer season is a strawberry mask. Strawberries contain salicylic acid, which is ideal for acne-prone skin, and they also contain Vitamin C. Mix with yogurt for a calming mask that will make your face smell irresistible.

6. Oatmeal6. Oatmeal – Mix oatmeal with water, yogurt, and egg white. There are a ton of amino acids in oatmeal which helps to repair the blemishes on skin, and it’s also hypoallergenic. Perfect for those who hate fragrance-laden facial products.

7. Mayonnaise7. Mayonnaise – This sounds gross but it’s effective. Might fit in with the vinegar category in terms of applying in when you have some alone time. The soybean oil and eggs in it are very moisturizing, and it’s easier to apply this than a bowl of slimy cracked eggs to your face. The vinegar in mayo ask stimulates your skin cells, and lifts off the dead ones.

8. Mustard8. Mustard – This unusual mask is both soothing and stimulating. It balances skin pH, which means it evens out all that bad stuff like inflammation, acne, and extremely sensitive skin. The Sulphur in the mustard is vital to this it’s a bacteria killer. The vitamin A,C , and K that happen to be in it also don’t hurt with free radical prevention.

9. Honey + Papaya9. Honey + Papaya – Mashing ripe papaya up with honey can help with lightening, pigmentation or dark spots. Any unevenness in the skin can be fixed with the enzymes in papaya.

10. Turmeric10. Turmeric – This almost acts as a natural bronzer. It’s not really suited for very fair skin, but works wonders on darker olive skin tones. It’s a great brightener and natural bronzer, and has also been known to cure rosacea. Mix it with some honey and yogurt to make it into an easy-to-apply mask.

11. Coffee Grounds + Cocoa Powder11. Coffee Grounds + Cocoa Powder – This is a go-to solution for puffy skin. Try this the next time you have to hide your hangover at work. Add either yogurt or lemon juice, depending on how oily or dry your face is. (the thicker the better, for dry skin)

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