Do not throw your broken powder! fix it

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Do not throw your broken powder! fix it

We all suffered of great problems with the makeup products. While the nagging problem is the falling of powder or blush or favorite eye shadow and crashing. But beware, Don’t throw it. You can easily repair it by using a few simple steps and tools. Follow our advice.


First of all, You will need to a “Rubbing alcohol”. It is a type of alcohol contributes to the adhesion of the powder together. You can find it online or in pharmacies, as well as toilet paper and a spoon.

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Do not throw your broken powder! fix it

Do not throw your broken powder! fix it

Now, these steps which you should do:
If the powder is broken into large pieces, crash them into small pieces “powder” using a pen to become loose powder. This will help in the adhesion to each other more later.
Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol. Try to spray it evenly over all the broken pieces, here, pass a spoon on the powder to settle and fix. Push on it vigorously in order to good cohesion, Wipe the rest of the powder and leave to dry for some time. You can then use it again. Here is a viedio could explain it to you easily.

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