New and innovative way to remove facial hair

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Are you tired of the unwanted hair on your face? Do you want natural mask to get rid of that hair? If you suffer from the problem of unwanted facial hair, ” What woman needs” is going to give you today a natural mask, will help you to remove it by making a paste of natural gelatin and milk. Here’s how:

remove facial hair 


A tablespoon of unflavored gelatin
2-3 tbsp of milk
1-2 drops of lavender oil
A few drops of lemon juice
 New and innovative way to remove facial hair

How to prepare

Mix gelatin, milk, oil, lemon juice,lavender oil, and make a paste.
Preheat paste a little .
Apply this paste on the spot on the areas unwanted facial hair . Make sure that the mixture is not too hot, otherwise you burn yourself.  Let the paste dry. Then Peel it.
New and innovative way to remove facial hair 

remove facial hair

How many times must you use this method?

Use a paste of gelatin and milk whenever you want instant results. The positive side is that it also will save you from blackheads. The downside is that it is sticky with bad smell, but effective on the stubborn hair .

Why this paste is so effective?

This paste  is very sticky and soft and stick to hair when it dry. When you start to peel it , hair comes out with it.  But it is not suitable for women with sensitive or acne prone skin.



Be careful when you put the paste and make sure that does not close to your eyebrows. But if you put the mixture on the eyebrows by mistake, do not be afraid. Dip a piece of cotton in the water and wipe it. If the paste  is still stick with your eyebrows , rinse with lukewarm or warm water .

New and innovative way to remove facial hair

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