My Life As A Child, Teen And Student In The Communist Romania

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“An 80s contemporary teen bravely documented via photos days and moments of a restrictive daily life along with the freedom of expression and manifestation.

Andrei Birsan manages to offer his generation a mean of remembering those moments and for those who are younger and yet to come, a recording of the unspoken truth by all of its knowers.” Adrian Majuru, Bucharest Museum Manager

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Math hour with Ceausescu’s portrait and slogans over the board

RSR emblem (The Socialist Republic of Romania)

Class starts

1980s fashion

High school class master

Our class master doing patriotic labour

You could read during class in the last desk

Patriotic labor at sorting potatoes

Nae and Burlacel didn’t study the lesson

Johnny on a pony

Pingpong on the teacher’s desk


A new potrait of Ceausescu – the head of class replaces it

Izi taws a hamster fur in the dorm room

In the dorm room, playing 66

In the dorm room, drinking a cup of wine

In the dorm room, Manivela (Crank) and his pet

In the dorm room, working on the project

On the dorm’s hallway, a small accordion concert

Nae’s birthday, dedicated cake for him

Tolerances and measurements class

The professor of Physics

Patriotic labour at potatoes

Mechanisms class

Electrotechnics class

Artistic brigade

Romanian revolution in Palace square, December 1989

College during the revolution from December 1989

The author of the photographies, Andrei Birsan, on a Bucharest street at 16 years of age in April 1981

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