My Hometown Looks Incredible Eerie During Winter Nights

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I live in a small town in Eastern Romania, Eastern Europe. Nothing interesting happens here, apart from the occasional holidays fairs and a few concerts.

As a photographer, I sometimes struggle to find interesting subjects for my personal projects. I used to walk my town streets and come back home without even firing up my camera shutter, as I couldn’t find anywhere an interesting spot to shoot.

Then it hit me. I was looking at it all wrong. The streets IS the interesting subject for my photography. As I made it a habit to go for long walks after work, I realized my town has this weird, eerie, yet beautiful vibe about it.

During hard winter times (it can get as low as -20C/ -4F), people usually tend to stay inside, enjoying the warmth and coziness of their apartments. This leaves the town empty, quiet and cold.

I wanted to portray the feeling it gave me, wandering the streets alone, in winter’s bittering cold. So I used cinematic filters to convey the images a noir, dystopian look (I was shooting for that Blade Runner look). As I shot more and more photographs, I really started to appreciate my small little town, with it’s quirkiness and dark, reserved character.

So I give you Bacau at night. Let the dark stillness of the winter nights inspire you!

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