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Makeup tips on applying base cream at the age of 40

The first thing you know when you reach the age of 40 that the exaggeration application of the base cream will not hide the wrinkles or give you a perfect look, but on the contrary, it  will highlight these lines more and more. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a product with a soft and light formula and applying a little of it on your face by a damp sponge not your fingers. Be careful to choose the closest degree to your skin color.

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applying base cream at the age of 40

applying base cream at the age of 40

Woman who suffer from dark spots, pigmentation or redness,  Have to use a certain base cream to apply only on these spots to hide and addressing them at the same time. After that, you must apply a light foundation cream to unify the color of your  skin completely.

Wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes show clearly at this age , so it is essential to apply a Concealer correctly. First, Choose the right product for your skin in terms of composition and color,  Avoid heavy makeup and choose a color close to the color of your skin.

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applying base cream at the age of 40

We also recommend choosing Concealer on a pen-shaped because,  it affects on wrinkles better. then apply a moisturizing cream and base cream base first, then apply your concealer by good and clean sponge. Finally, apply your blusher to add vitality to your face.

Finally, we should note that there are many basic creams which also contain useful vitamins for the skin and a high index of protection from the sun, we recommend the woman at the age of 40 to adopt.

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