Makeup secrets for applying best makeup

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Your makeup should be one of your best principles on your day, you should take care of all its details to appear on the best look, “What woman needs” is going to provide you the best makeup secrets to apply the best makeup for the best view.

Makeup secrets for applying best makeup

Makeup secrets

Steps of applying perfect makeup:

• Start with a clean face”
Wash your face With nice facial cleaner, that commensurate with the skin of your face taking care to remove the remains of any deposits resulting from either makeup or sebum.
Applying Primer cream
To make your make-up last for long time and give a velvety feel on your skin,  Use a “primer”, the foundation cream will make your face softer and gives it the brightest skin.

Makeup secrets for applying best makeup
• HD Foundation
Not any kind of base cream will show the features of your face, The best is the HD that makes your picture look more purity, hides all the flaws of your skin. You must choose to apply the closest color of your skin.
• Concealer
If apply light Concealer,will appear halos around your eyes, if it’s  thick,  would make it look darker, so choose the right color for you in reasonable quantity.


• Face Powder
1. If you are a women with oily skin try to hide the luster that appears on your face through:
2. Use matt powder to prevent excessive gloss and make makeup last more.
3. Use your cotton to absorb fatty layers.

Makeup secrets for applying best makeup
• Contour
Line your face features , and then highlighting your beauty through your use of the Face “Contour” . apply on your cheekbones, nose, chin, forehead .
• Highlighter
It gives your skin softness and purity, and balanced lighting to highlight cheekbones without the overload gloss .

Makeup secrets for applying best makeup
• The white eyeliner
Here’s an easy way to keep your eyes from fatigue and irritation, which is to lining the internal aspects by white eyeliner, this show your eyes more, and makes your eyes seem larger and wider.
• Eye shadows
And avoid the many vivid colors, depend only two colors suitable for the color of your skin and mix well, taking care to be enhanced color and clear above the eyes. You can also put a little light brown eyeshadaw the bottom of the lower lashes to give the beauty of your eyes.

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