Long and strong hair with this recipe

The long hair is the secret beauty of a woman, long and healthy hair has a distinctive and attractive unparalleled views, many of the ladies are looking for how to lengthen their hair and through the following article , we offer you all the tips and recipes and information that you need for that .

Long and strong hair with this recipe

Long and strong hair

Factors affecting the growth and length of hair
– Hereditary factor.              – Health of the body in general.         – Hair health in particular.
– Eating unhealthy food.             – Taking some drugs.                         –  Some certain diseases.
– Lack of vitamins from food.

Long and strong hair with this recipe
Tips For long hair
– Eating healthy food.           – Drink sufficient amount of water.           – Take a break.
– Exercise constantly.                       – Continuing to do a massage to your scalp.     – Taking certain vitamins in the form of medication.


Natural recipe for lengthen Hair
Yogurt and wheat grain
Ingredients :
Two cups of skim milk.
Pack of low-fat yogurt.
one sliced mango .
Two tablespoons of Brewer’s yeast.
Two tablespoons of molasses.
Small spoon of wheat.
A teaspoon of vanilla.
Half teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
The way
The above ingredients are mixed together in a blender for three full minutes, then drink the mixture very slowly.
Long and strong hair with this recipe

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