Learn Basic makeup tools for beginners

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Basic makeup tools for beginners


Basic makeup tools for beginners

Applying makeup for beginners may be a difficult job, that need them a lot of products and tools as well as certain way to be adopted, Here are some basic makeup brushes, When you come to put makeup:

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1. The foundation brush : When you apply the foundation cream, make sure to distributed on your skin so well, so as not to show any defects on the skin. Foundation brush will help you, it will allow the foundation distribute evenly around the eyes, mouth and nose, so it’s better than the use of fingers, especially if you are a beginner in applying makeup.


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2. Powder Brush: A soft round and large brush which contain loose bristles to allow the distribution of blush in equal manner. So you need to ensure the acquisition of the appropriate brush, you should, preferably, select the one made of natural bristles, so as not to hurt your skin in the long term.

Basic makeup tools for beginners

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3. Eye shadow brush: It is a relatively small brush helps you to put eye shadow over your eyes in a simple way, it also helps you to equate the shadows above the eye on a simple and smooth manner, instead of using your fingers to put eye shadow, use this brush, it will facilitate you a lot .

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4. Lipstick Brush: It is a small Brush help in the distribution of lipstick on your lips on equal and attractive manner.

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