Key Autumn Fashion Picks

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Autumn is nearly upon us, with the month of September now well and truly underway. While some of us are still trying to hang on to the last of summer, the rest of us are looking forward to Halloween, colours of the leaves changing and the temperature slowly decreasing.

Autumn to many people means cosy nights in and wrapping up warm for the outdoors. With that in mind, our fashion choices change drastically for the upcoming season. Saying goodbye to our summer collections full of crop tops and skirts, we welcome the next influx of designs and trends. So, how do you know where to start with creating your very own autumn fashion?

 Key Autumn Fashion Picks

As the new season draws in, it’s easy to see how everyone is transitioning within their wardrobes, and there are even some key autumn pieces that you’ll see at every turn, marking the start of the next trend.

Autumn florals

If you’re sad to see the last of summer, then one of the key picks of AW17 is for you. Florals are often reserved for the summer months, but this year they carry on into autumn with a seasonal twist.

Opting instead for a range of colours and close-knit floral patterns to keep spirits high, autumn florals work across dresses, blouses and even trousers. If you aren’t quite ready to embrace winter jumpers and dark hues, this new season floral trend is a great way to inject some colour into the dull upcoming months.

Incorporating floral patterns into your autumn winter collection can uplift the rest of your offering, ensuring you have something for everyone. After all, just because it’s grey outside doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to match!


It’s the season for being cosy and comfortable, and what better way to achieve that than by a loungewear set? Matching loungewear sets are the answer to any lazy autumn weekend, whether you’re staying in or heading out.

From on-trend khaki to embroidered loungewear suits, they’re taking the industry by storm as everyone strives to be warm and comfortable in the cold months. A staple in your AW17 collection, you really can’t beat bit of loungewear to throw on after a day out on the town.


Possibly the best part of the autumn winter months is the new collection of coats and jackets coming in. With so much choice on offer, AW17 really comes into its own when it comes to outerwear.

This season focuses on toggle fastenings, tie waists as well as puffa coats and luxe blazers. With such a variety when it comes to protection from the elements, it’s a huge part of AW fashion that you simply can’t do without. So, if you’re hoping to offer the best coats and jackets, pay attention to the little details as these often make the biggest difference when it comes to putting together your collection.

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