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Keeping the fragrance smell throughout the day

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As a result of high temperatures and continuing sweat in the summer, the smell of your fragrance may go away quickly, unable to enjoy it a few minutes, especially in the hours of intense day heat . So how can you maintain the smell of your perfume for a longer period to feel more attractive and self-confidence? Here are these methods of “What woman needs”:

Keeping the fragrance smell throughout the day

Keeping the fragrance smell

Keeping the fragrance smell

1.Put your fragrance on the pulse places all over your body; as places of pulse helps the emission of fragrance continuously, the more your body temperature rose. You should also put perfume behind your ears, because it is the most interaction place with perfume ; because it is not exposed to air.

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Keeping the fragrance smell throughout the day
2.Spray fragrance directly after bathing, as your skin pores are still open and allow to absorb the fragrance and the preservation of smell for the longest possible period.


3.Spray fragrance on the clothes before wearing them to keep the good smells constantly.
4. In the summer, Do not rely only on the fragrance, but in the shower, Wash your body with smelling fragrant shower gel, not only this, but apply lotion on your body, and ended with your favorite perfume to ensure a pleasant smell for the longest time.

Keeping the fragrance smell throughout the day

Keeping the fragrance smell

5.Get rid always of excess hair from your body, especially under your arms; this is the area of most places prone to sweating, and you should avoid eating foods that affects the smell of sweat as coffee and spices.
6.Drink at least two liters of water a day to keep your skin internally.
7.Wear cotton clothes constantly, because it absorbs sweat and stench.
8.Drink a glass of orange with lemon and mint daily in the morning on an empty stomach, which perfumed your body naturally throughout the day.

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Keeping the fragrance smell throughout the day

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