I’m Documenting My Wife’s Growing Baby Bump As We Travel Around The World

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My wife and I got married on December 11, 2016. At the time she was 15 weeks pregnant. The day after the wedding we left for a three and a half month trip around the world.

Along the way we’ve documented our budget backpacking adventures through photos and vlogs on PowrCupl.com.

We’ve also documented her pregnancy through some fun photos! Here are 12 pictures of the growing baby bump in different countries!

15 Weeks Pregnant – Long Beach, California

16 Weeks Pregnant – Viceroy Resort, Bali

17 Weeks Pregnant – Amed, Bali

18 Weeks Pregnant – Ubud, Bali

19 Weeks Pregnant – Krabi, Thailand

20 Weeks Pregnant – Chiang Mai, Thailand

21 Weeks Pregnant – Chiang Rai, Thailand

22 Weeks Pregnant – Bangkok, Thailand

23 Weeks Pregnant – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

24 Weeks Pregnant – Rome, Italy

25 Weeks Pregnant – Pisa, Italy

26 Weeks Pregnant – Milan, Italy

27 Weeks Pregnant – Krakow, Poland

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