I Went To Switzerland Last Summer And You Must See Its Beauty

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Last summer the Embassy of Switzerland in my country invited me to Switzerland, to travel across the country by train and capture the beauty of the country.

Long story short, I’ve never seen any landscape more beautiful than the Alps meeting the woods with the contrast of red trains.

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My journey began with the red panoramic trains. After I got my 1st class 8-days pass, I went to the airport hub and hit the road to Zurich

Zurich was beautiful, both the day…

…and the night

Next day I went to Klosters, probably the best trekking path in the world

From the mountains, we walked down to Alp Grüm, a beautiful town

And saw the emerald colored glaciers…

The view from the peak of the Alps in Davos was mesmerizing

And I continued my journey with the same red train, enjoying the panoramic view

I was headed to Val Poschiavo, a border city with a touch of Italian atmosphere…

If didn’t know where I was, I would surely say I was in Italy

But the beer was still Swiss

I went far and crossed the border. Seeing Italy became a must after spending a night in Val Poschiavo

The red train took me as far as Tirano, an Italian city next to the Swiss border

I was lucky enough to taste the Italian pizza

And the same day I went to Val Münsair, a town where I felt I still was in the middle ages

But then I saw a Porsche on the road, and woke up from the dream

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