I Turn My Detailed Sketches Into Silver Animal Jewelry

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Hello! I love to create since childhood. I used pencils, paints, ceramics, glass and finally, a few year ago I started making jewelry.

From imagination to drawing, from drawing to a real object, this is how the process looks like. Now I am fascinated with world of animals. I like to draw detailed sketches, then I turn it into silver jewelry. Sometimes I use leather where I burn the pattern line by line with wood-burning technique.

There is a lot of fantastic animals waiting for me, I have never done any panda! Maybe you have some ideas for me? What next I should make in silver?

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Hawaiian Bear

Hammered silver – animal fur imitation.

Where are my fishes?

Hammered silver – kitten fur imitation.

Kitten Silver Pendant

Stages of creating the kitten

Wild Night

Hammered silver – animal fur imitation the mood.

Saber-Tooth Cat

Hammered silver – animal fur imitation.


Roaring lion made of copper and real feathers.

Valkyrie / Panther / Song Of Africa

Silver openwork with leather hidden underneath.


Among Oak Leaves

Lynx made on leather with wood-burning technique and framed in silver.

Japanese Hamster


Pattern made on leather with wood-burning technique and framed in silver.


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