I Traveled To Bulgaria To Photograph The Abandoned Buzludzha Building

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The building is located on the peak of ‘Mount Buzludzha’ at an altitude of 1,432 meters. The photos in this post are shot about halfway through December of 2015, during winter, and it was very cold. I flew from Dortmund (Germany) to Sofia (Bulgaria) and spent a couple of days in this country, specifically to explore abandoned buildings. Despite visiting other amazing abandoned locations on this trip—like a theatre and chapel—the Buzludzha building was by far the highlight of my tour and even my whole year. Visiting it had been on my wish-list for such a long time, and 2015 was the year to make it happen.

The building was opened in 1981 to celebrate both the  liberation from Ottoman rule (1891), and the 1944 victory against Hitler’s domination of . Russia played a key role in both of these events. Next to this, the monument served as the symbolic headquarters for the  Communist Party. The owners of the hotel I slept in told me that communists held secret meetings, concerts, and gatherings at the place.

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