I Show The Beauty Of Dubai Through The Eyes Of A Lego Backpacker

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The lego backpacker was mentioned 10 months ago and is still traveling!

After spending a few days in Dubai, he shares some of the most amazing things you could dream of doing in the city.

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Trying not to fall!

The Lego Backpacker checking out the Burj Al Arab

Early morning for a balloon ride

Riding a hot air balloon over the Arabian Desert (Lego style)

Canoeing to his hotel room at the Madinat Jumeirah

Checking out the worlds tallest building

Enjoying the view on top of the world

Going up in a seaplane over Dubai

Air view over the city

Aaargh! They have ghosts in Dubai as well!

Checking out Palm Island

Enjoying a camel ride in the Arabian Desert

Driving with vintage Land Rovers through the desert

Enjoying a camel ride in the Arabian Desert

After an amazing safari ride with and a flight over Dubai with it’s time to relax a little.

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