I Sailed The Bermuda Triangle And Survived To Share It With You

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In June I sailed onboard a 45-foot sailboat through the Bermuda Triangle then on to Bermuda itself running from a storm and finally to the Graveyard of the Atlantic, The Outer Banks, North Carolina.

We lost our engine, had a scrambled autopilot, dodged a supertanker at sea, crept through reefs near Bermuda, came across a ghost ship, and lost our rudder after running aground! Here is the video I made of our journey!

I Sailed the Bermuda Triangle and Survived to Share it with You

The legend our captain created so we could decipher our course on the auto pilot

The supertanker that came within a 1000 yards of us at sea while we only had sail power

I took noon sights daily with my sextant to practice celestial navigation

Saint George’s, Bermuda after 7 days at sea

Blue Hole park in Bermuda is full of secret trails and hidden limestone caves

This was one of the caves you could swim inside, I only saw 2 other people in the 4 hours I was hiking

Heading back out to sea !

Bermuda is surrounded by danger

The adrift sailing vessel “ghost ship” we came across a day’s sail from Bermuda

My crew mate Yves Bolduc got some zoom photos while I filmed video

We rigged up an inner fore stay in preparation for a storm that would hit us later that night

The moon on the Atlantic Ocean more than 300 miles from land

Finally reaching the Outer Banks, North Carolina

Our rudder was ripped off when we ran aground inside the Oregon Inlet

S/V Cunning Plan safely tied up and home

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