I Photographed The Waves Of Fog

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As a Landscape- and Architecture Photographer in Switzerland i travel a lot around. My favourite moods are always mystical foggy landscapes. It’s so amazing to see how the fog is moving like water over the mountains.

But on the images you could not see how the fog moves. So i started to make Timelapse Movies from the Fog. I learned much about weather and i saw so many different types of fog. Always carrying double the size of my normal photogear to make the timelapses, but it was worth every kilo i brought up to the mountains in the early morning.

After collecting 5 Years i present the first part of the The Art of Trilogy on youtube. The second part will come in november 2016. And im collecting on and on new scenes from the moving fog.

The Wave

Waves in the Jura Mountains

Sunrise over the Sea




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